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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About The Dynamo Masters and Triathlete Program (DMT)

  1. Why swim with DMT?
    Swimming is a great exercise. Our programs and pools are available year-round. We offer organized and professionally coached practices with stroke instruction and it is fun.

  2. I can’t swim all the strokes, not a very fast swimmer and I am not sure I can finish the workout. How good do I have to be?
    DMT welcomes swimmers of all abilities from nationally ranked to novice. If you can swim four lengths, our coaching staff can help you improve your skills and endurance. You don’t have to know all four strokes. Workouts are adjusted to take into account your ability level.

  3. What if I’m to slow for the others in a lane?
    We let the swimmers pick the lane they wish to train in. The lanes are generally compatible by ability.  Members must reserve lanes, though using skedda.

  4. What is the membership of DMT like?
    It ranges in age from 20 to 80+ year olds. Some swim for fitness and others to compete as master’s swimmers and/or triathletes.

  5. What are the workouts like?
    Each workout last up to 1.5 hours (Don’t worry if you can’t stay the whole time or initially can’t finish the workout). The coach gives the sets, which vary by distance per lane. The more advanced lanes generally swim up to 5,000 yards and it ranges down to about 2,500 yards. We work on drills to improve your strokes and give individual stroke instruction during the practice. The workouts are fun and social but at same time challenging.

  6. Can I try a few swims before I sign up?
    Not at this time.  

  7. Do I have to compete?
    No, but we do offer the opportunity to compete by hosting events like time trial meets, traveling to away meets and open water swims.

  8. What other things are included with my membership to DMT?
    Exclusive use of the facility during rec hours or masters swim time.  At the Chamblee pool, there are 8 coached practices/week offered.  At the Alpharetta location, there are 3 coached practices/week offered. For practices not offered at the Alpharetta pool, you can attend the practices at the Chamblee pool.