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Jason Turcotte

Approximately one year ago, our organization embarked on an ambitious capital campaign to revitalize the 50m competition pool at Chamblee and dedicate the new building to our beloved former Head Coach, Jason Turcotte.  As of today, funding is in place and we are prepared to move forward with Project JT. 

Initially our goal was covering the 50m pool with a metal building that would match the main building at Dynamo Chamblee.  As we researched all options, it became clear that while there were some obvious advantages to using the metal building approach, there were also some large disadvantages.  Our primary concern became the height of the metal building’s ceiling, which will contribute directly to facility air quality.  As we explored options to combat this, we were encouraged to consider the company, Sprung Structures ( www.sprung.com).  After our initial meeting and discussion with Sprung, we were very impressed with the versatility their buildings offered.  We learned that the structure would not only meet the ceiling height we required for quality air, but it would also allow us to maintain the open-air feel that so many of us have come to appreciate.  Additionally, this structure allows us to move forward without incurring additional debt service. It became clear that Sprung Structures offered the best option for plans to revitalize this important piece of Dynamo.
Sprung has been around for over 100 years and offers a quality product.  As you will see in the attachments, this building will be far superior to our existing structure.  The ceiling will be 46 feet in height, which is slightly higher than our current structure.  With six exhaust fans and 12 ground level louvers, the air in the building will turn over in less than 15 minutes when it is fully sealed (better than USA Swimming recommendations).  Parts of the shell will be translucent to allow a significant amount of natural light into the building, limiting the need for all day lighting.  It will include nine (14’ x 16’) sliding doors that will offer ease in opening the structure when desired.  The lighting package will upgrade all fixtures to LED and the outer shell will match Dynamo colors and mimic the rest of the Chamblee facility.
We are gratefu for all our contributors to this project.  Dyna-thon, individual, and corporate/foundation donations were all combined to help us meet our goal of funding Project JT. We are honoring the commitment made at the start of the campaign that all funds raised were to be allocated specifically to this project.  The funds may not be re-directed to cover any current operating costs.
We are currently scheduled for a start date in mid-June, with projected completion in early August.  We will obviously keep you updated as we move along this process.
Again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all that contributed to this project. 
Best regards and Go Dynamo!
Dynamo Board of Directors