18 & Under World 100s
Georgia Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 100


Volunteerism is essential to the sport of swimming. To reach higher levels of competition, a swimmer has to participate in swim meets in order to test his or her skills and strategies, and these meets require many volunteers to function. At Dynamo, we are unique in that we own the pool & spectator space necessary to host 10-13 convenient home meets per year for the benefit of our swimmers and families. Staying at home for competition saves our members significant expenses associated with travel and also brings in revenue for the club that helps support a full-time coaching staff and helps maintain our exceptional practice facilities. 


The meets that Dynamo swimmers enjoy and need for improvement would not happen without the involvement of our parent volunteers. Together, they run the meets by filling job slots in areas timing, officiating/clerking, heat sheet sales, computer operator, concessions, and awards. In addition to working at meets, our parent volunteers also help our coaches (group parents), help fundraise (Swimathon volunteers), help manage meals/snacks (chaperones) when we do travel, and they fill other special jobs that arise throughout the year.


Since Dynamo's volunteer jobs benefit all families, it is expected that all families share in their fulfillment. Dynamo’s 24-hour per year (September – August) volunteer requirement ensures that all jobs will get done while also ensuring the equal distribution of work among all member families.


Volunteer sign-up is easy and convenient. After you receive an email notification that job signups for a meet are open, you simply sign into the Dynamo website and click on “Job Signup” next to the meet name. Next, click the box next to the job you want, click “Sign up,” and you will see your name appear in the job slot. It is understood that you will work the entire length of your session or find a replacement to complete your assignment as it is unfair to pull other members from the stands to finish a job they didn’t sign up to work.


Finally, Dynamo sometimes has the honor of hosting national level events with our partner Georgia Tech. During the 2018-19 year, we are scheduled to host the Arena Pro Series in March. We are proud of our strong tradition of providing opportunities for all levels of USA swimming, and we encourage all families to volunteer at these meets.  


By registering for the team, you agree to the volunteer terms as outlined above.