Gulf Swimming
Level 4

FCST WEATHER POLICY                            


  • ALWAYS assume that paractice will be held.
  • We NEVER swim in lightning or thunder. But we DO have dryland exercises and other training activities (under shelter) to work on.
  • We DO swim when outside temperature is very cold. (Pools are heated.)
  • We DO wait (in most cases) until close to practice start times to determine practice cancelations or delayed start time.
  • LOOK for texts, emails, and social media updates when weather is looking questionable. 

(Contact your coach if you did not receive any communication about practice changes)

Bad Weather Prior to Start of Practice

  • We swim during all kinds of weather conditions, so always assume that practice will be held.
  • In most cases, if it is too stormy to be outside (i.e. thunder and lightning), the coach will arrange some space in a sheltered area for dryland exercises, watch a training video, or conduct a group meeting.
  • If for some reason practice needs to be canceled because of weather once the coaches arrive at the pool, the coaches will do their best to get the word out via email, text message, Facebook, and/or twitter.
  • If you think the weather is questionable, please have your swimmer verify the status of practice with the coach once they arrive at the pool before you leave the site.

Bad Weather After the Start of Practice

  • If lightning and thunder is heard during practice, the coach will pull the group out of the water and go to a safe shelter for 30 minutes after the last observed lightning or 20 minutes after last thunder. Athletes will do drylands or engaged in a team meeting during the waiting period.
  • Practice will be canceled if the swimmers can’t return to the water after the first waiting period.
  • If practice is canceled because of weather once it has started, swimmers will contact their parents to pick them up.
  • If severe weather conditions are known prior to practice and practice will have to be canceled for the day, cancelation notices will be emailed, text messaged, and/or through FCST social media by 2:00pm.
  • It is the parents’ responsibility to check their email, text messages, and/or social sites for schedule changes daily prior to coming to practice.

Your safety matters to us

Everyone's safety is one of utmost concerns and FCST will always make sure we are not putting any of the swimmers or coaches in a position where their safety is a concern.Weather conditions can range in severity depending on what part of the city that you live in. FCST asks parents and swimmers to use your best judgment and if you are not comfortable driving to practice in the elements, please stay home as we don't want anyone getting in an accident heading to the pool.