Gulf Swimming
Level 4


VIEW ALL Upcoming Meets & Events for the 2018 - 2019 Seasons:
OPT-IN/OUT FORMS for 2019 LC Season:

Important Reminders about the OPT-IN FORMS

  1. Save a copy of the swimmer's completed Opt-In Form for your records
  2. If plans change, swimmers can OPT OUT provided the swimmer's coach is notified by or before the meet declaration deadline.
  3. Where can you find the meet declaration deadline? This information will be stated in the weekly email reminders sent by the swimmer's coach as well as in FCST's weekly newsletters which can be located HERE).
  4. In the event a swimmer opted in per the opt in form and did not received an notice of opting out, coaches will always assume they are to enter the swimmer in the respective meet. 
  5.  In the event a swimmer "scratches" (aka "no shows") the meet/event for any reason without prior notice by the meet declaration deadline, the swimmer's billing account will still be charged the applicable meet fees. Meet declaration deadlines and meet fees are dictated by the meet host. Once paid by FCST, those fees are non-refundable. Therefore, the cost is still deferred to the swimmer's billing account.
  • Look for volunteer sign-up about one week before meet date
  • The JOB SIGNUP for each meet will be posted under each meet title under EVENTS tab on the HOME PAGE.