Gulf Swimming
Level 4

2018 - 2019 Parent Reps:

Following is a list of the current Parent Reps for the 2018 - 2019 Short Course Season.  We are here to help with group activities and to answer any questions you may have about your swimmer's practice group or FCST.  If we don't know the answer we will try and find out for you or direct you to the correct person to contact.   Please feel free to contact us with your questions. 

If you are interested in being a parent rep, please contact the lead coach for the group and Julie to let them know you are interested.  If you want more information about what you will need to do, please see the volunteer outline HERE or contact one of the parent reps depending on location.

Many thanks,

Please contact Julie Ramsower (  - FCST Parent Rep Coordinator 

First Colony Area
Senior Elite
Senior II 
Sarah Kumar
Rachel Alexander
Senior I
Sarah Kumar
Rachel Alexander
PreSenior III
Candace Brown
PreSenior II
Heather Coburn
PreSenior I
Celina Koscinski
Age Group III
Almira Nelson
Patti Rodriguez
Age Group II
Linda Pan
Katherine Fuller
Age Group I
Kazuki Shin
Blue 2
Ghis Fotso
Blue 1 A
Lilly Karim
Blue 1 B
Red  A
Priti Advani
Red B
Emily Caulfield
White A (M/W/F)
Heidi Efird
White B (T/TH/F)
Blanca Barron
Seven Meadows
Susan Wadley
Pre-Senior III
Samantha Levine
Pre-Senior II
Lisa Rollinson
Age Group III
Cindy Le
Age Group II
Mary Lajaunie
Age Group I
Mary Lajaunie
Blue 1
Carissa Vann
Blue 2
Carissa Vann
New Territory
Blue 2
Fadua Borges
Blue 1
Han Doan
Red A
Allyson White
Blake & Betty Ma
Red B
Kelly Force
White A
White B