Gulf Swimming
Level 4

2017 - 2018 Short Course (SC) Meet Schedule

** Meets highlighted in RED are FCST Hosted meets - look for volunteer sign-up about one week before meet date.  
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Opt-In Swim Meet Forms: Due Sept 12th

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Meet Date Meet Name Meet Docts Location Age-Group Divisions
Sept 23-24 Red White and Blue Meet Results Lamar CISD Nat. Everyone
Oct 14 - 15 October Gulf Open; Devlopmental Results Lamar CISD Nat.

Red, White and

Blue 1

Oct 21-22 FCST vs DADS Dual Meet Results Lamar CISD Nat. Blue 2, All Age Group, All Pre-Senior and All Senior groups
Nov 4th

November Developmental Meet

Results Lamar CISD Nat. Red, White, Blue 1, and Blue 2
Nov 10-12th FCST, FLEET, TWST Tri Meet Results Training Pool All Age Group, All Pre-Senior and All Senior groups
Dec 1 - 3 Gulf Senior Champs Results NOCH Qualified Senior Swimmers
Nov 30 - Dec 3 Gulf Southern Senior Champs Results TWST Qualified Senior Swimmers
Dec 8 - 10 Gulf Fall Champs Results FBISD Training Pool Qualified Swimmers
Dec 6 - 9 Winter Junior Nationals Results Iowa City Qualified Swimmers
Dec 15-17 Gulf Age Group Champs


Texas A&M Qualified Swimmers
Dec 2 Gulf 8 and Under Champs Results Lamar Qualified Swimmers
Jan 11-14 Greater Southwest Invitational Results Rockwall, TX Must have 5 A times in order to attend
Jan 12-14 SSAN January Winter Invite Spring, TX All swimmers NOT Qualified for Greater Southwestern Invitational
Jan 20 January Developmental Meet Results Lamar CISD Nat. Red, White and Blue 1, Blue 2
Mar 3  SC Champs I Results Don Cook Nat. 8 and Under swimmers
Feb 16-18 SC Champs II Katy, TX 9-10, 11-12, 13 - 14 Qualified Swimmers
Feb 23-25 SC Champs III Results Pearland, TX 13-14 Qualified Swimmers, 15-18 
Mar 1 - 4 TAGS Results TWST Qualified 9-10, 11-12, 13-14
Mar 20-24 American Junior National Classic Clearwater, FL Qualified Swimmers

Helpful Swim Meet Documents; click on the document to review it