AG3FC Nia Shetty - A Published Author For Her Amazing Poem! iWrite Editors Choice

Adrian Gomez

On behalf of everyone at iWRITE we are excited to share another special announcement with all of you. Each year the organization recognizes our Editor's Choice and Star Author recipients.


The Star Author Awards are given to authors whose story/play or poem/song proves to be a judge or editor favorite. These works are well-written plus entertaining, moving, and enjoyable to read.


Star Authors


Katelyn Chan - Story Magic

Wm. Patrick Cook - From Deadlines to Headlines

Kexin Hang - The Tide Pod Challenge

Maya Harpavat - Mama, When Are You Coming Home?

Annie Jones - Ghost

Grace Still - A Spoonful of Sugar with a Hint of Spice



Praniti Gulyani - A Constellation of Bruises and A Purple Poem

Jasmine John - Our Weapons

Nia Shetty - The Other Side

Joshua Wen - Red

Drayden Williams - The Unknown Kid

Sahasra Yellepeddi - The Ocean is Alive

Congratulations to this year's 2021 recipients!