FCST Newsletter - Nov. 28

Adrian Gomez



Nov. 28, 2021


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Dec. 2-5: Southern Seniors

Dec. 3-5: 13&O Champs

Dec. 10-12: 12&U Champs

Dec. 9-12: Winter Juniors

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News & Updates: 

  • Please review the information for your respective swim meets for the month of December. 
  • Coach Corner: How do swimming prelim/final meets influence the long-term development of an individual swimmer?

Upcoming Meet Information:

CLICK HERE for the FCST Competitive Suit Policy    

Meet Webpage, Dates, & Location: Eligible Athletes: Prelim and Final Entry Deadline:   Volunteer Opportunities:
2021 Southern Seniors, Dec. 2-5; Woodlands Qualified Senior swimmers Past Due Coming soon!
2021 13&O Champs, Dec. 3-5; Katy 13&O swimmers Past Due Coming soon!
2021 12&U Champs. Dec. 10-12; TBD 12&U swimmers Past Due Coming soon!
2021 Winter Juniors; Dec. 9-12; Austin Qualified swimmers Past Due Coming soon!



*Families are responsible for communicating meet entry issues with their athlete’s respective coach, as their primary coach is most responsible for their athlete’s training and competitive plan

**Once the final entry deadline has passed, no changes may be made on FCST’s end. Athletes can deck-enter at the meet (if allowed by meet management) at their own expense and with the coach’s permission. This is not the most ideal way to enter a meet, having schedules planned ahead of time is very beneficial to the athlete.


Coaches Corner:

How do swimming prelim/final meets influence the long-term development of an individual swimmer?

"Challenges are necessary for developing not only a swimmer but an individual willing to compete and continually improve from that given challenge. Championship meets are challenges. They are an opportunity for a swimmer of any age to compete and apply the skills and conditioning acquired over the past several months in a Championship setting.

To better prepare for the end of the season Championship meets we need to learn from the Fall Championship competitions. Championship meet results are determined by the sum of the points scored by both individuals and relays. The points are scored at either timed finals or during the finals session of prelim/finals meets.

Depending on the Championship some offer a prelim/final meet format. The opportunity to potentially race the same event twice in a day will provide substantial information for the swimmer and the coach. The outcomes help determine success and areas of improvement. Swimmers can make the necessary adjustments in a given event the day of instead of the following month. There are few opportunities for swimmers to swim the same event twice at a swim meet.  As a swimmer progresses through the swim program, prelim/final meets become more frequent. Therefore, gaining experience at a young age benefits the long-term development and success of a seasoned swimmer.

For sustained team success to occur, swimmers, coaches and parents must support one another through the challenges of Championship meets. The challenges to score strengthen team bonds and help team culture to grow continually. Individual swimming success is great; swimming fast with a team is fun and some of the best memories for teams, swimmers and coaches."


- Head Coach Pete Wright