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Don Cook Natatorium

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All staff members, both Fort Bend ISD and any renter personnel, must follow these rules and exemplify them to the patrons.  Violation of any one of these Rules, Regulations, Policies, or Prohibitions subjects the offender(s) to expulsion from the facility and their team from the competition.  There is no appeal process.

Facility Rules:

  • No one may use the facility without their supervisor present.
  • No food or gum on deck or weight room (drinks are okay)
  • No glass
  • No running
  • No horseplay
  • All patrons must shower before entering the pool
  • Swimmers must stay off the lane ropes
  • No t-shirts or cotton clothing
  • No one is allowed in the pool with sores, wearing of a bandage of any kind, evidence of skin disease, fever, cold, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharge, or having a communicable disease
  • No tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs on the premises including the parking lot
  • Non-participants should remain in the bleachers
  • Patrons must be dry before entering the lobby
  • Shaving is not permitted anywhere within the entire Don Cook Natatorium

General Parking:

Only the Nat staff may park in the lots in front marked STAFF.  No coaches, guards, instructors or parents are allowed. Other spots are limited to the coaches during the hours when practices are taking place.

When dropping off or picking up swimmers, please observe the following:

1.Swimmers should not be dropped of any earlier than 4:20 PM. There needs to be a coach on site before they can enter the building.

2.For practices beginning around 4:30 PM, please be aware that there are often school buses in front of the Natatorium picking up high school swimmers.  Additional cars and small swimmers can make this a very unsafe situation.  Dropoffs of very young children may take place as close to the front as possible. However, it is recommended for maixmum safety that at 4:30PM swimmers be dropped off in the baseball parking lot (Frankie Field) and they may walk across the grass, accompanied by parents as necessary. Swimmers should not be dropped off any earlier than 4:20pm. They will not be allowed to enter the facility until there is a coach on site.

3.For practices beginning around 5:00 PM or after, swimmers may be dropped off in the front driveway of the Natatorium.  Pease be aware at all times of small swimmers, and keep speeds to a minimum in the driveway.

4.When picking up your swimmer, please do NOT sit and wait directly in front of the Natatorium - for safety reasons this area must be kept clear except for immediate drop-offs or pick-ups.  You may wait(in your car) in the driveway, behind the front light pole, and pull up when your swimmer exits the building.  Cars CANNOT be left unattended in the driveway - this is a fire lane and you could be towed if your vehicle is left unattended.

5.If you need to leave your vehicle for any reason during a pick-up or drop-off, please park your vehicle in one of the adjacent parking lots (Frankie Field or Mercer Stadium) and come in.

6. Do not pass parked school buses loading/ unloading students. This is for everyone's safety.

Parking in the Frankie Baseball Parking Lot

Frankie Field is the baseball field next to the Natatorium.  If you park along the sidewalk in the baseball parking lot, please parallel park.  FBISD is planning on doing repairs to the sidewalk and have targeted the cars being parked up on the sidewalk for the many cracks and chips. 

Friday Night Parking During Football Season (Sept. - Dec.)

1. During the Football season, FCST strongly recommends that you drop your child off at practice and then return to pick your swimmer up at the end of practice on the nights of Football games.

2. If you choose to stay and watch your swimmer, please park in the Frankie Field parking lot ONLY.  Mercer Stadium parking is reserved for those attending the football games.


All female swimmers are to wear one piece suits. No exceptions.

All male swimmers are to wear shirts when done swimming.  Not only when on deck, but when in the front area.