GULF Swimming Contact List

For questions and information about Gulf Swimming please contact a member of our Staff or Board of Directors.

Our mailing address is:

Gulf Swimming, Inc.
1415 South Voss Road
Suite 110-355
Houston, Texas 77057

Phone: 713-300-5168

Staff Directory

Executive Director:  Julie Bachman

Comptroller:  Tom Hasz

Membership/Registrar:  Loren Fischbach

Board of Directors/Committee Chairs

General Chair: Charlie Fry

Admistrative Vice-Chair: Paige Sikkema

Secretary:  Jennie Shamburger

Finance Vice-Chair:  Henry Clark

Senior Vice-Chair:  Robert (Bob) Kizer

Age Group Vice-Chair:  Dusti See

Officials Chair:  Donna Dormiani

Coaches Representative:  Louis Demetriades

At Large Board Members:  Eddie Adams, John Burke, Dana Skelton

Technical Planning Chair:  Clay Pruitt

Nominating Committee Chair:  Henry Clark

Audit Committee Chair:  Henry Clark

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair:  Mark Martinez

Sanction Coordinator:  Natalie Melenric

NTV Coordinator:  Rick Kehlenbach

Disability Swimming Coordinator: Jennie Shamburger

Club Development Laison:  Dana Skelton

Operational Risk Coordinator: Travis Sandifer

Equipment Coordinator:  Eddie Adams

Safe Sport Chair:  Erik Cozaad

Open Water Coordinator:  Seth Huston

Camp Coordinator:  Mandy Norris

Records Coordinator: Julie Bachman