Hello Swim Families! 


This holiday season, give your swimmer the gift of faster starts and best times by signing them up for the Fitter and Faster Race Strategy and Explosive Starts Swim Camp Series at Houston Swim Club Sharpstown. 


Parents: This could be a GREAT holiday gift!


Swimmers will get to work on STARTS at EVERY SESSION so that they can continuously improve throughout the entire series. That’s 6 sessions where starts will be a major component! Swimmers will also develop a deeper understanding of the high performance racing strategies required to race at an elite level. 


There will be 3 swim camps in this series:


December 27-28: High Performance Speed & Power Camp + Starts

February 6-7: 50/100 Racing Strategy Camp + Starts

April 10-11: 200/500 Racing Strategy Camp + Starts


Each camp will be divided into groups based on BEST TIMES! Visit the event page to see which group your swimmer qualifies for! There are only a few spots left in the December sessions so sign up before the camp fills up! 


CLICK HERE for details and registration

Sessions for these camps are the smallest ever to allow for social distancing and maximum individual feedback. Fitter and Faster has done an excellent job ensuring a safe environment through the pandemic for swimmers to learn and improve. Take advantage of this opportunity and give your swimmer the gift of best times this holiday season!