Swim Meets

This page summarizes the GULF Swimming meets for the current swim year. Some meets may be added or changed, and other meets (Open Meets) will have GULF teams assigned based on numbers of entries.

  • Meets: Short Course 2019 – Long Course 2020
  • Meets: Short Course 2018 – Long Course 2019
  • Meets: Short Course 2017 – Long Course 2018
  • Meets: Short Course 2016 – Long Course 2017
  • Meets: Short Course 2015 – Long Course 2016
  • Meets: Short Course 2014 – Long Course 2015

Officials Sign Up and Meet Equipment

Gulf Swimming uses an our sign-up system for confirming officials attendance at meets. We also provide meet equipment rental for teams hosting swim meets.


Meet Feedback

To provide feedback about a swim meet, please use our Meet Evaluation Form (Forms page).


Meet Directors – Meet Information

The following links provide information to help Meet Directors complete their swim meet responsibilities:


Meet Directors – Training

The following links provide reference information from the Meet Directors Training Clinic:


Bids, Sanctions, Announcements, and Reports

The following links provide information to help with the running and general organization of swim meets:

Handbook: Section 4 provides information about our safety procedures and insurance, including our insurance summary, Safety Marshall information, and storm emergency procedures. You can find the Report of Occurrence form on our Forms page.

Specific Meet-Related Forms and Information

The following links provide information to help with specific swim meets and the related meet operations:


(update 3/11/20)