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This fund is in recognition of the need to assist coaches who may not have health insurance or insufficient health insurance to cover needed medical problems or procedures. It is also intended to assist the family of a Gulf Coach who passes and his or her children with burial expenses and college scholarships.

To receive the funds the recipient coach or family of a deceased coach would need to fill out an application and show proof of financial need. There are two levels of review.

  • Level One – Requests under $5,000 would be administered by the Treasurer and approved by the Executive Director and Finance Vice-Chair if granted. If declined by the Treasurer then a committee composed of the Gulf Finance Vice Chair, the General Chair and the Executive Director of Gulf Swimming would review the request and make the final decision.
  • Level Two – Requests exceeding $5,000 up to a maximum of $25,000 would go to the Committee for consideration and final decision. All requests must be accompanied with an application and documentation showing proof of financial need which is the inability to pay a valid bill or provide enough for higher education. The Application would not be shared with the Coach Assistance Fund Committee and would be kept confidential. Only the recommendation would be forwarded to the Coach Assistance Fund Committee with the yes or no recommendation along with the reason for the determination.
  • Any distribution of funds to the Coach Class would be non-taxable. Any approved distributions to staff would be taxable to the recipient

Coach Assistance Fund Details (click for proposal presented to HOD and passed on 10/20/21)