GULF Officials & Volunteers


Welcome to all new and returning officials! This page provides resources for GULF Swimming officials and volunteers.  In addition to the resources listed on this page, click USA Swimming – Officials for more information.

Officials Are Vital Volunteers

 Our mission is to train and certify officials:

  • who are fair, competent, current in rule book application and consistent in approach.
  • who are capable of providing athletes with the best, most consistent and fairest possible level of observation.
  • who have sufficient experience and skills to serve as an official anywhere outside of the Gulf Swimming LSC.
  • who are ultimately capable of achieving National (N2 & N3) certification with USA Swimming.

We recognize that all officials are volunteers and we do our best to make this an enjoyable experience. Thank you to all volunteer officials that put in countless hours...your efforts are sincerely appreciated! If you have any questions or inquiries about officiating, please do not hesitate to contact the Gulf LSC Officials Chair, Brian Walls ([email protected]).

Official Application (Registration)

Once a volunteer ensures he/she wants to fulfill the officiating requirements, he/she must register with a custom link from their club or register as unattached. If unattached, please email [email protected] to obtain the link.

GULF Officials Meet Sign Up

Please use our sign-up system for confirming you attendance for meets that are set up for online sign-up. The link to sign up is located below, and also on the GULF Swim Meets page. These links are the same, so you can use either one.

Click HERE for meet sign up.

Officials Supplies