9/1/23 message to coaches: 

The cut off for 100% reimbursement for Summer ISCA, NCSA, Futures, and Sr Zones has already passed and any requests received will be at 50% for both athlete and coach travel reimbursements.

The cut off for Junior Nationals is September 4.  All requests, athlete and coach reimbursements must have an email date on or before 9/4 or a post mark of 9/4 or earlier. The reimbursement will be at 50% for all requests for Juniors after 9/4.



2023 Reimbursements for Athletes (updated 6/30/2023)

Athlete Reimbursement Form Fillable (posted 4/05/2022)

Senior Travel Fund Policy

Open Water 


Coaches Travel  This policy provides limited funding for Coaches travel for National meets and Coaches Conferences. For those coaches who have National level swimmers competing in a National Meet, travel will be funded based on three coach reimbursements per team per year for two or three different National Meets, or funding will be provided for one coach per team per year to attend a Coaches Conference of their choosing and two reimbursements to attend National Meets. The amount of the reimbursement paid to any coach shall not be more than the maximum amount paid to any individual athlete for the same meet plus the additional cost of a single room and upgraded Economy airfare as outlined the Gulf Swimming Travel Policy, or the average of the most recent National meets if the reimbursement is for a Coaches Conference. Gulf Swimming will reimburse for a single room according to the Gulf Swimming Travel Policy only if the room is not shared with another coach, spouse, or sibling. The reimbursement may not exceed the actual expenses per the Gulf Travel Policy.

                          Summary of Coach Travel Reimbursements:

1.              The reimbursement will be limited to three travel payments per year per club.

2.              The reimbursement will be made payable to the club unless notification from the club’s board of directors instructs otherwise.

3.              If the reimbursement is for a National level swim meet, then the maximum amount of reimbursement will be set to 100% of the athlete reimbursement for the same meet plus the additional amount for a single room and upgraded Economy Airfare.

4.              If the reimbursement is for a Coaches Conference, then the maximum amount of reimbursement will be set to 100% of the average of the spring and summer Nationals, excluding Olympic Trials.

5.              There will be three maximum reimbursements per year: two for coaching his/her swimmers at a National Meet, and one for attending a Coach’s Conference; or, three for coaching his/her swimmers at a National Meet.

Coach Reimbursements 2023 (updated 6/30/2023)

Coach Reimbursement Form Fillable (updated 9/2/2023)


Officials Reimbursements 2023 (updated 3/1/2023)

Officials Reimbursement Form Fillable (updated 9/2/2023)