Topic: Introduction to New Technology (Swimmingly) for Gulf Officials
Time: Sep 21, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Recorded meeting:

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SWIMMINGLY TRAINING with Hayes and Charlie

Overview:  Gulf Swimming is partnering with the Swimmingly app to bring an exciting virtual swim meet platform to our clubs and swimmers.   Many of our teams participated in a Gulf coach meeting highlighting the facts and opportunities of the partnership.  If you couldn’t be on the meeting, we’ve summarized some of the main points below.  If you already know you’re “in”- scroll to bottom of document to highlighted sentence and fill out Google form to receive your Swimmingly kit!

Virtual Swim Meets:  By utilizing proven technologies, we can offer our athletes fun and safe competitive events, many of which require no travel, no high costs and no marathon meet sessions.  Whether intrAsquad or intERsquad- as long as there is an agreement between parties on events and a time line- you can compete.  Compete against other teams in the Gulf or other teams in the country who are part of the Swimmingly platform.  The only limit is your imagination!  For the time being- these events will be unsanctioned.

Swimmingly FAQs:  Click HERE for information on Swimmingly and virtual swim meets.

Investment in Clubs: Gulf Swimming’s Board of Directors has voted for interested teams to receive the Swimmingly “kit”- essentially the waterproof router required to set up the LAN (local area network) for the Swimmingly app to communicate with the devices timing/starting/officiating the meet. ($400 commitment per club)

Club Investment:  Clubs will be responsible for their annual Swimmingly subscription.  Teams of 100 or less swimmers:  $50/month; 101-300 swimmers:  $75/month; 301 + swimmers:  $100/month.  This subscription will allow teams to run unlimited competitions during the year using the Swimmingly software/app.

If you have any questions, please call Julie at 712-210-2304 or email [email protected]!  Thank You!