NOCH is happy to announce that we will be using remind101 as a new way of communication between the staff and the team. This is a quick way for the staff to inform you about things happening with the team. 

Please make sure to follow all of the groups that apply to you in order for you to receive the information. 

Below you will find the information on how to sign up with remind as well as the groups with a remind account and it's descriptions. 


To be part of the group text @(remind group name)  to:81010. You will receive a text asking your for your full name in order for the admin of the group to know who you are. Input your name and send. You will now be part of the group and receive the information via text. 

Groups with Remind:

Senior Group: Only for Senior Group Swimmers and Parents  Group Name: @coachsikk

Junior Group: Only for Junior Group Swimmers and Parents   Group Name: @nochjr 

White Group: Only for White Group Swimmers and Parents        Group Name: @nochWht

Green Group:  Only for Green Group Parents                             Group Name: @nochgr

For Swim Meets: this group is set up for the competitive team only  Group Name: @nochmeets

We are currently working on setting up remind accounts for the Blue, Tech-fit 1&2 groups.