In accordance with current state and local requirements, our staff has established a swim schedule along with safety expectations for our return to the pool.  

We understand not all families feel comfortable returning to swim practice. While your participation is welcome, we support any decisions to postpone your return to the water. Each family should do what they feel is in their swimmer’s best interest.

We would like all families to please reference the NOCH Facility Reopen & Use Plan.
This document outlines all the safety precautions we are taking to protect our swimmers during their in-water practice time.

While we are excited to get back into the water, each swimmer will be required to complete a Safe Practices Form prior to each practice they attend. This is so our staff can be aware of any swimmers (or family members of swimmers) who are feeling ill, or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

If a swimmers or family member test positive, plesae contact the coaching staff as soon as possible. We have information to help swimmers return to practice after being incontact with someone who tested positive, or if the swimmer tested positive.    Return to practice infrmation is posted here. 

The club will be implementing mitigation strategies published by the CDC for the operation of our practices. These strategies may be scaled up or down depending on the evolving local situation. Our staff will remain up to date on the latest rules publicized by the CDC and will reevaluate our practice schedule daily to reflect the needs of our swimmers.

Thank you for your understanding, and we'll see you at the Pool!

To reference important information and resources regarding the COVID-19 Virus, please click here: