Pearland Aquatics (PEAK) is a year-round swim club affiliated with USA Swimming. The club strives to help swimmers develop swimming excellence through a structured swim program that promotes good sportsmanship and the value of teamwork. All swimmers new to the team must have a tryout before joining the team.

WHERE DOES THE TEAM SWIM and WHEN ARE PRACTICES? For 2022-2023 the team will practice at the Pearland Natatorium and Emerald Bay in Shadow Creek; most swimmers new to PEAK will choose to join a clinic group that meets 2 days a week or a year-round team practice group that meets 2, 3, or 4 days a week.  (4-day swimmers must have at least one-year prior team experience. 5- and 6-day week groups are by coach invitation.) Swimmers practice with the group for which they register only during that group’s scheduled times.  Practice group schedules are located on the PEAK website under the Info: Practice Schedules link.  Practice schedules are based on expected water availability.

ARE THERE ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS? There are no minimum attendance requirements for each group; however, the more often a swimmer goes to practice the better the skills develop.


To register for the Fall 2022 swim clinic group there is a registration fee of $50, a team gear fee of $45 (swimmers get 2 swim caps and 2 PEAK t-shirts), and the fall clinic fee of $400.   In addition to these fees, after the swim year begins, clinic swimmers are required to register with USA Swimming ($30 for age 12 and under; $50 for age 13+).

To register with the 2022-2023 year-round team practice groups, there is a team registration fee of $120, a team gear fee of $45 (swimmers get 2 swim caps and 2 PEAK t-shirts).  Each group has a monthly practice fee. The first month’s fee is charged at registration; subsequent months are billed on the 1rst of each month. Please see the list below for monthly tuition for the year-round team practice groups:

2x week - $131/month

3x week - $153/month

4x week - $175/month—need one-year prior team membership

5x week - $197/month—enrollment with coach approval

6x week - $219/month—enrollment with coach approval

In addition, after the swim year begins, year-round team swimmers are required to register with USA Swimming ($98 for all year-round swimmers).

For families with more than one swimmer on the year-round team there is a year-round practice group tuition discount of 15% for 2nd swimmer, 25% for 3rd, and 35% off 4th. The discount is credited after registration closes and continues during subsequent months as tuition is charged.

ARE THERE OTHER TEAM FEES? Other fees that may be charged by the team include meet entry fees and any additional team gear requested by the swimmer from PEAK.

WHAT EQUIPMENT DO SWIMMERS NEED? All swimmers need practice appropriate swimsuits, googles, and a water bottle. Other equipment needed depends on age and practice group. A complete list may be found on the PEAK website under the Info: Practice Gear tab.

ARE SERVICE HOURS AND FUNDRAISING REQUIRED? Each year the PEAK Board determines service hours and fundraising requirements. For 2022-2023 the service hours and fundraising will be 10 hours and $150 per family. (Does not apply to families with swimmers only in the clinic group.)

WHEN DOES THE SWIM YEAR END? The 2022-2023 swim year ends in August 2023. Swimmers who register for team practice groups are considered active members with the club for the year unless the swimmer withdraws from the program.

HOW DO I REGISTER A SWIMMER? All swimmers new to PEAK must have a tryout and coach approval before registering for the team. Fall 2022 tryouts will take place August 26-27; swimmers may sign up for tryouts by visiting the PEAK website and clicking on the Tryout Info link. Team registration for new and former team swimmers will open online the afternoon of on August 27 and close on August 31. Registration instructions will be given to swimmers at tryouts.  Families may review registration agreements by visiting the PEAK website under Info: PEAK 2022-2023 Registration Agreements.

Updated August 17, 2022