New Swimmer FAQ’s—Fall 2022

Listed below are some common questions that families may have when joining PEAK:

What is the team mission?  The mission of Pearland Aquatics (PEAK) is to develop contributing members of the community, a competitive atmosphere of good sportsmanship and the value of teamwork through the sport of swimming. PEAK is a non-profit youth sports team. Fees paid to the program go to support program operations

Is swim team like swim lessons? Swim lessons tend to be a short-term activity during which swimmers learn about water safety, develop a comfort level for being in water, and learn basic swim skills.  Swim team programs run seasonally/year-round and focus on continued development and refinement of swim strokes and allow swimmers to compete as a team with other swimmers while trying to achieve their personal bests for each stroke/event.

PEAK wants to promote a passion for swimming so that our athletes continue to swim, make friends and feel part of a swim team family. Their development will depend upon their practice attendance and their level of effort at each practice.

Will my swimmer be a member of USA Swimming?  Yes, all PEAK swimmers are required to be members of USA Swimming.  In September, you will get notice from PEAK of how to sign up and pay for your athlete’s USA Swimming Membership.

Where may I find general information as well as practice schedules, group descriptions, registration agreements, equipment list, etc.?  Please visit the PEAK website at and look under the “Info” tab.

May I watch my swimmer practice with PEAK? Parents are allowed to watch practices; however, parents are NOT allowed on the deck (the area beside the pool) during practice time and parents should not try to communicate with their swimmers while practice is taking place.  At the Pearland Natatorium parents should remain in the bleachers; at Emerald Bay they need to remain outside the pool fence area.  Many parents prefer to drop off their swimmers for practice and return at the end of practice to pick up their swimmers.

Is there a parent meeting at the beginning of the swim year?  Yes, there will be a Team Day event the morning of Saturday, 9/17 at Pearland Junior High South.  Swimmers will do team-building activities with coaches while parents meet and interact with board members and other PEAK volunteers.

How involved do parents have to be with the team?  Parents are a key part of making team events successful.  Parent help is not needed during regular practice sessions but is needed at swim meets and other team activities.  Families with year-round swimmers have a 10-hour service requirement for each swim year.  Most parents earn service hours by signing up to help with events at which their swimmer is present.

What equipment will my swimmer need and where can I get the items? Please look for the “Practice Gear” link under the “Info” tab on the PEAK website for a list of equipment.  These items may be purchased locally at the Pearland Swim Shops of the Southwest store or online.

Does my swimmer need to have a team suit? If your athlete is competing, they will need to wear a PEAK Team suit at competitions. Our team suit is called SPEEDO Launch Splice Endurance in navy/red/white (boys have a jammer or brief option). Athletes may also wear a plain navy blue SPEEDO suit for competition.


Is my swimmer required to attend every meet with the team?  Swimmers are encouraged to compete with the team when possible.  By attending swim meets, athletes will be able to feel they have a purpose in all the training they are doing. The meets also allow them to set goals and have those goals in mind when training gets difficult.

How much does it cost to compete at a swim meet? The cost will vary depending on the entry and surcharge costs and the number of events a swimmer swims at the meet. In general, the cost is between $40-$90 per meet. Most swimmers will have the opportunity to attend a meet once a month.

Can swimmers practice with another group if they miss a practice with their group?  Swimmers may only attend practices with the group in which they are enrolled.

Does the practice schedule ever change? The regular practice schedule may have modifications if water space becomes unavailable for a scheduled practice. On Sunday evenings, Coach John will send out a Weekly Connection to confirm the practice schedules of each group for the week. On Monday, you will also receive a Weekly Up-Date for the site your athlete is enrolled in from Coach Ann @ Emerald Bay or from Coach Natalie @ the Pearland Natatorium.  A link to the Weekly Connection is also available on the team website homepage.

If a practice is canceled will there be a make-up practice?  We do not offer make up practices due to isolated cancellations. The only time a make-up will be offered is when multiple cancellations occur over a short period of time.

How cold is the water at the Emerald Bay Pool in the winter?  The water in the Emerald Bay pool is warm during the winter because the pool is heated by PEAK.

Can my swimmer take a break during the year and not be charged tuition?  If a swimmer wants to take a break from the team and not be charged tuition, the swimmer should withdraw from the team.  Swimmers who withdraw and want to return at a later date may have to wait until the start of the following swim year to register to return.

May PEAK swimmers swim at the natatorium other than during practice times?  Swimmers with PEAK may be in a natatorium pool only during their scheduled practice times unless the swimmer has a facility membership or has purchased a day pass.

If I have questions, who do I contact? For general questions please contact the Team Manager at [email protected]. For practice related questions prior to the start of the new swim year, please contact [email protected]. For practice related questions after the start of the new swim year, please contact the lead site coach for your athlete - Coach Ann at Emerald Bay ([email protected]) or Coach Natalie at the Pearland NAT ([email protected]).

I have friends or other family members interested in PEAK—how do they get information about the next tryouts?  Please ask them to visit the PEAK website at and select the “Team Information and Tryout” link on the homepage.  The link will take them to team and tryout information as well as a link to sign up for information about Spring 2023 tryouts.


Updated August 2022