Swimmers are not required to wear team suits during practice. Girls may not wear two-piece suits at practice.  Boys may not wear loose fitting swim shorts. Any other swimming suits that meet the common standards of decency and do not interfere with the ability to use proper technique are permitted to be worn at practice.


PEAK is sponsored by Speedo; therefore, all competition suits purchased must be the Speedo brand.  Suits may be purchased from the Swim Shop of the Southwest, 9430 Broadway Suite #144 in Pearland or from online retailers.

For meets our swimmers are required to wear the either the red, white and blue team Speedo suit or a navy blue Speedo suit with the following exception:

13 and older swimmers may be encouraged to wear a SPEEDO tech suit by their coaches at a championship meet as an option; swimmers must have coach approval to wear a tech suit.

            A suit is considered a tech suit if it has any of the following components:

-Any suit with bonded or taped seams regardless of its fabric or silhouette; or

          -Any suit with woven fabric extending past the hips

Technical suits are never a requirement to swim at a championship meet while representing PEAK. The cost of technical suits makes them unattainable for some athletes. We do not want to add any pressure on parents by increasing the cost of our sport. The coaches want to see a growth in technique, understanding of rules, work ethic, and above all character regardless of which suits are worn during competition.

Please note—Effective 9/1/20 no tech suit may be worn by any 12 & Under USA Swimming Athlete member in competition at any Sanctioned, Approved, or Observed meet per USA Swimming rules (2020 Rulebook 102.8.1 F)

If you have questions about whether a suit is appropriate or not for competition, please consult with your coach before purchasing a suit.

Keys to Fitting a Tech Suit (Provided by Pearland Swim Shop)

Updated 10/18/20