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Monthly Practice Calendars

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June, 2023



One of the primary jobs of our coaches is to ensure your swimmer is safe at all times. In this regard, our coaches may not leave the practice location until all swimmers have been picked up by a parent every night after practice. PLEASE be courteous to our coaches and be sure you are at the practice location at the time practice ends to pick up your swimmer.  There is a $10 per occurrence late pick-up fee and we do not want to have to charge you for late pick-ups so please be on time!!

Additionally, from time to time we will have a need to move practices from one location to another. When this happens, as guests of that facility we must follow the rules set forth by that location.

We welcome you to always stay and watch practice, however, please be aware that at the TAMU Rec Center no parents or spectators are allowed on the pool deck at any time. While at the Rec Center, the coaches will help get your children to the proper lanes and we will also be sure they exit back to the hallway when practice is done. You may meet them in the hallway when practice is over. (Parents are also not allowed in the swimmer locker rooms). To watch practice at the Rec Center you may observe from the upstairs spectator seating area inside the natatorium. To get there, go to the main Rec Center entrance. Once inside, go upstairs and enter the double doors to the spectator area.