Gulf Swimming



Throughout the year AGS swimmers have many opportunities to compete. These opportunities, whether informal Intrasquad meets or USA meets, provide swimmers with an opportunity to measure individual progress, to receive one-on-one coaching, and to socialize with teammates and friends. Although meet participation is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged.

At various times during the swimming year informal Intrasquad meets between our own swimmers are arranged.  The purpose of these meets is to provide a competitive atmosphere in which to practice and to allow coaches to evaluate a swimmer's progress.  Although times are recorded and used to determine team standings, all swimmers are rewarded with place ribbons at the end of each race. The times from these meets are not official and are not recognized by USA or Gulf Swimming as qualifying times.

Meets sanctioned by United States Swimming (USA) are offered at a number of skill levels and/or for defined age groups. The "B", "BB", and "A" levels are determined by the times achieved in each event by a given percentage of swimmers nationwide during a three year period.  These standards can be found HERE.

All swimmers 12 years old and under begin in the "B" category. As skills improve and times drop, swimmers progress through the "BB" to "A" categories within their age group.  Swimmers 13 years and older begin at the "BB" level and move to the "A" level with improvement. As a swimmer moves from one age group to another, the entry level is determined by the swimmer's best times in each event. Occasionally, meets are offered as "OPEN" and allow all swimmers to compete without regard to "B", "BB" or "A" classification.

As the swimmer learns new skills, he or she will progress to meets that furnish more competition.  These meets include "A" meets and TAGS. These meets are stepping stones to a higher level. At the top of the swimming ladder are the elite meets.  These meets include Junior and Senior Nationals, Olympic Trials, and the Olympics.

The responsibility of the team is to strive for swimming excellence at all levels and to make each level a strong part of the team.

Although winning an event is always exciting, the main purpose of a swim meet is to allow the swimmer to set attainable goals and to measure individual progress by striving to achieve personal best times. Swimmers and parents are strongly encouraged to keep a record of times achieved at the meets so that progress can be followed and future meets can be appropriately entered.

Swimmers and parents will be given a list of USA sanctioned meets at the beginning of each part of the swim season (October-March and April-July).  Swimmers in age group, junior and senior will be automatically entered in all USA meets for all events the coaches decide unless a parent contacts the team's entry chairperson prior to the entry deadline listed on the event calendars.  Once entries are finalized, the list of events is finalized and updated on our website. If a swimmer decides not to attend a meet after he or she has entered, the swimmer must notify the coach. As a general rule, entry fees are not refunded if a swimmer does not swim a meet or an event he or she has entered or if the meet is canceled.

USA MEETS:  The Ags coaches have carefully determined the meets that your swimmers will compete in during the 2019-2020 season.  (Click HERE to see the meet schedule).  Coaches will put together a preliminary list of entries for all swimmers who are eligible for any of those meets according to the age and time standards.  Entries will be posted on this site - click on this link HERE to view. Please be sure to RSVP by emailing us at . (Please do not notify your swimmer’s coach).  Unless otherwise noted, entry costs are $6.00 for each individual event plus a $5.00 per swimmer surcharge. (The costs for relay entries are usually paid for by the Club. However, if your swimmer is entered in a relay event and he/she is a no-show for the relay on the day of the meet, you will be billed the additional cost for that relay event).  The total cost for each meet will be added to your following month’s bill. (NOTE: If your swimmer enters a meet after the entry deadline there are "on-deck" fees for each event entered). If your swimmer would like to change one or more of their entries, he/she should discuss this directly with their coach. Certain meets such as those early in the season do not require time standards, so swimmers are strongly encouraged to participate so that time standards for meets later in the season can be met.

INTRASQUAD MEETS:  Coaches will determine who should compete in the bi-monthly intrasquad meets based on age, time standards and ability.  Your swimmer’s coach will put together a list of entries and this will be posted on this site - click HERE to view. (There is no cost for intrasquad entries).  Please be sure to RSVP by emailing us at .  (Please do not notify your swimmer’s coach).

In addition to being just plain fun, competing in meets allows our swimmers to benchmark their performance and really see their hard work pay off!!