Gulf Swimming


All fees are due on the first of the month (i.e. a swimmer wishing to participate during the month of October must pay October dues on October 1st).  Dues are e-mailed to your primary e-mail address on a monthly basis on the 1st of each month and are charged to your credit card or ACH on the 1st of each month.  All families must have either a credit card or ACH on file to be billed monthly.  No check or cash payments will be accepted.

Your monthly dues amount is dependent upon the group your swimmer is in and the number of swimmers in your family.  There are family discounts of 10% for the second family member, 20% for the third family member, etc. (Discounts are taken from the lesser dues amounts and are not taken on USA registration fees or family administration fees).

Please note that our credit card company charges a per transaction fee for all charges of 2.95% plus $.60 per transaction fee.

Fees as of September 1, 2021:

Novice - $70.00/month

Age Group Development - $85.00/month

Age Group - $100.00/month

Junior - $125.00/month

Senior - $140.00/month

Any changes in status, i.e. from active to inactive, must be done with 30 days advance notice in writing to [email protected].  Notifications must be made prior to the first of a month in order to avoid paying dues for that month. Monthly dues are never pro-rated for portions of a month.



It is the responsibility of the member to notify the Club Administrator/Manager in writing of intention to terminate, or cancel a team membership.  Written notices are due 30 days prior to the swimmer’s last practice. If a member quits the program or is dropped from the program for non-payment of fees, overdue and current account balances are immediately payable in full.

If you have any questions about any billing you may have received, please contact the Club Administrator/Manager at [email protected].

At times a swimmer may need to go “inactive,” for a period of time due to long-term illness or injury.  Notification of the need to go “inactive,” must be submitted to the Club Administrator/Manager and except in emergency circumstances, require written notice due 30 days prior to the swimmer’s last practice.



All families pay a family administration fee in the fall of each year.

All family administration fees and money made by Club hosted swim meets go to pay for things such as:
  • Coaches’ and official's annual registration with Gulf Swimming
  • Coaches’ and official's certification classes (CPR, First Aid, Water Safety, background checks, etc.) for ALL coaches
  • The Club’s annual registration with Gulf Swimming
  • Continuing education for coaches
  • Coaches' travel fees for away meets
  • Intrasquad meet awards
  • Intrasquad meet pool rent
  • Intrasquad meet timing system rental fees
  • Free meet entries for all Club hosted meets for all swimmers
  • All relay fees at all meets paid by the Club  (most relays cost $15.00 per relay)
  • Room rental for swim clinics
  • Team get-togethers (Halloween, lock-in, awards party) – (food, location rental, etc.)
  • Personal best time meet awards
  • Team Record Holder awards
  • Web administration fees/host server
  • Postage (meet entries, registrations)
  • Misc. office expenses (paper, labels, envelopes, etc.)
  • Team Administrator to coordinate the Club
  • Annual team t-shirts for all
  • Annual awards for achievements – bags, towels, sweatshirts
  • Annual awards program printing
  • Chevron patch awards
  • Annual swimmer trophies
  • Championship meet (TAGS/Sectionals/Nationals) suits, t-shirts and caps
  • Championship meet (TAGS/Sectionals/Nationals) goody bags (with the exception of what is donated)
  • Travel trips for swimmers (van rental, gas, etc.)
  • Meet entry and billing administration
  • Local ordering and delivery of equipment at Club discounted rates
  • Annual swim clinics for swimmers


Swimmers needing financial assistance should look at our Outreach program for additional discounts.


If there is a change in your swimmer’s status (i.e. from active to inactive status) you must notify the Team Administrator, Shannon Clark, directly.  Please do not assume that if your swimmer stops attending practice that this is notification. Also, please do not notify a coach. To notify of a status change, e-mails to [email protected] .  Billing will not be retroactive regardless of the reason.

Please carefully review your bill and be sure all information is correct.  If there are any corrections or changes to be made (including changes to address, phone, e-mail, etc.), please mark them directly on the bill and mail it back in with your payment.



All families of swimmers in the Club are required to perform service hours for the Club.  Most of these hours are performed while working the meets hosted by the Club locally in Bryan/College Station.  (Timing at meets your swimmer attends, including Intrasquad meets, does not count toward meeting the service hours obligation).

Families of novice swimmers are required to work two full meet sessions, families of age group development swimmers, two full meet sessions, families of swimmers in age group, three meet sessions, and families of swimmers in junior and/or senior are required to work four full meet sessions.  Families of swimmers in novice or age group development registered with our reduced fee program will be required to work three full meet sessions. (The service hours obligation is dependent on the swimmer in the highest practice group in each family). When your swimmer is promoted to the next practice group during a swim season the new volunteering requirement will be effective immediately.

Meet sessions will usually last four hours depending on the meet.  It is not approved to work partial meet sessions. A list of meets and the service hours form can be found HERE.

Failure to turn in the volunteer form or to appear for a date obligation will result in a charge of $100 for the first missed meet session, $200 for the second missed meet session, etc.  This will be added to your Club account and charged at the time of monthly billing.

Families may not opt out of the volunteering requirement for the year.

It is the responsibility of the family to check in with the volunteer coordinator at the meet.

The Club understands that families with senior swimmers may have conflicts with this rule, i.e., out-of-town senior meets that fall on the same days as Club hosted meets.  It then becomes the responsibility of the family to notify the volunteer coordinator to discuss options to possibly avoid the penalty by selecting multiple dates from future meets.

Family members must be at least 18 years of age or have prior approval from the meet director or volunteer coordinator to work at hosted events.



If a swimmer circles-in for his/her event but does not report to swim the event or misses the event there is a $5.00 fine imposed by Gulf Swimming at the end of each season (April and August) for each no-show event.  Additionally, swimmers who qualify in championship meets for an event in finals and then do not show up are assessed fines by Gulf Swimming up to $100 per event. When the Club receives notification of the fine the swimmer's account will be charged the corresponding fine.



A swimmer's abilities are evaluated by the coach of each program and a swimmer will move up when they demonstrate the proper efficiency and mastery to attend the next higher group.  When an athlete has successfully reached the ability to move to the next level of the program, the coaches of both groups will confer with each other and determine the swimmer's abilities and possible change in status.  When it is agreed that a change is to be made, the swimmer and parent will be informed of their eligibility to move into the next higher group. A congratulatory e-mail will be sent to the swimmer’s parent as notification of the change.