Gulf Swimming


All families of swimmers in the Club are required to perform service hours for the Club.  Most of these hours are performed while working the meets hosted by the Club locally at the Texas A&M Student Recreation Center Natatorium.  (Timing at meets your swimmer attends, including Intrasquad meets, does not count toward meeting the service hours obligation).

Families of novice swimmers are required to work two full meet sessions, families of age group development swimmers, two full meet sessions, families of swimmers in age group, three meet sessions, and families of swimmers in junior and/or senior are required to work four full meet sessions.  Families of swimmers in novice or age group development registered with our reduced fee program will be required to work three full meet sessions. (The service hours obligation is dependent on the swimmer in the highest practice group in each family). When your swimmer is promoted to the next practice group during a swim season the new volunteering requirement will be effective immediately.

Meet sessions will usually last four hours depending on the meet.  It is not approved to work partial meet sessions. A list of meets and the service hours form can be found HERE.

Failure to turn in the volunteer form or to appear for a date obligation will result in a charge of $100 for the first missed meet session, $200 for the second missed meet session, etc.  This will be added to your Club account and charged immediately following the missed obligation.

Families may not opt out of the volunteering requirement for the year.

If your swimmer becomes inactive during the year your service obligation will end.  However, keep in mind that during the 30 day notice to go inactive your swimmer is still considered active with the program and your service obligation is still in force.

It is the responsibility of the family to check in with the volunteer coordinator at the meet.

The Club understands that families with senior swimmers may have conflicts with this rule, i.e., out-of-town senior meets that fall on the same days as Club hosted meets.  It then becomes the responsibility of the family to notify the volunteer coordinator to discuss options to possibly avoid the penalty by selecting multiple dates from future meets.

Family members must be at least 18 years of age or have prior approval from the meet director or volunteer coordinator to work at hosted events.