Dues Structure - 2022-2023 Season:

ESA Team Registration: First & Second Swimmer $75 each, and $50.00 for each successive swimmer beyond two.  

USA Swimming Registration: $98 per swimmer - TBD by Gulf Swimming

Monthly Dues:

  • Developmental: $135 per month
  • Age Group-1: $160 per month
  • Age Group-2: $170 per month
  • Age Group-3: $190 per month
  • Age Group-4: $190 per month
  • Junior Prep: $195 per month
  • Junior: $200 per month
  • Senior: $210 per month
  • College Students: $80.00 annually 

There is a $10 discount on monthly dues for a second swimmer.  

The maximum monthly dues will be $425 per family (for three swimmers) and $475 per family (for four swimmers) for monthly dues. 

Monthly dues are processed on the first day of the month unless this day falls on a Sunday then it will be processed on the second day.  All monthly dues will be processed by ACH, direct debit from a checking or savings account.  We will not process any monthly dues by credit card.  If the payment fails to process, a $25 late charge will be assessed if dues are not collected within the next billing cycle. 

Members are allowed to temporarily suspend their accounts effective the first of the month, however, upon reentry to the team, must re-activate their account with the team (including payment of ESA Reinstatement Fee of $75).   To suspend or cancel your account, an Intent To Quit form must be completed and sent by email on or before the 20th of the previous month to the team Treasurer at [email protected]

Members swimming in the summer will not be allowed to suspend their accounts for the month of August. (We must still pay our bills).

Off-Campus PE Swimmers:
There will be a $25.00 annual administrative fee for off-campus PE request forms to be completed.  You will need to bring your off-campus PE request form to your coach in order for them to complete the form.

Meet Fees:
Meet fees consist of fees per event listed on the meet invitation and a one-time fee of $5 per swimmer for away meets (Houston area).  A travel fee of $25 per family will be charged for meets requiring travel outside of Houston (ie: Mardi Gras, Greater Southwest, Texas A&M, University of Texas, etc.). 

Money cannot be a factor for not swimming with ESA. If this is a concern, please contact David Pink at [email protected]


Transfer from other Gulf Teams- ESA will waive dues until your commitment is done with the previous team or up to three months (whichever is less) for families transferring onto the ESA team from another Gulf swim team. Proof must be shown to the Treasurer. Please email proof of payments and agreement to [email protected]