Frequently Asked Questions – Eagle Diving

  • How safe or dangerous is springboard diving with a trained US Diving Coach?  All sports have some inherent risk of injury, but the sport of springboard diving under the guidance of trained coaches is significantly lower than the injury rates seen in gymnastics, football, tumbling, or cheerleading.  ESA Diving believes in safety first and foremost, and we teach our kids a baseline of fundamentals that help them to be successful in a slow progression and incremental increase of difficulty levels.
  • How do I know if my child might enjoy the sport of diving?  If your child is naturally acrobatic, has a bit of dare-devil in them, or has already been in tumbling, trampoline, gymnastics – they may make a natural transition to the sport of diving.  Those with good balance, good hand-eye coordination, and a heightened kinesthetic sense (spatial awareness) seem to thrive in Diving.
  • Is Eagle Diving appropriate for a child that can’t swim and that has never been able to dive in head first?  It is recommended that athletes already know how to swim, get in and out of the pool unassisted, and that they can dive in head first from the side of a pool in the deep end.  They should physically be capable of walking, jumping, and head-first entry.
  • I’ve heard that diving is dangerous and that many injuries occur from diving.  The great majority of serious diving related injuries are in an unsupervised scenario where someone dives head first into shallow water or murky water.  The injury rate is quite low for Supervised Competitive Springboard Diving, because our focus on safety, slow progression and repetitive training to prepare our divers, and the fact that we’re diving into very deep water in a safe environment.  Competitive Diving, like all physical sports does carry some inherent risk or injury and the ESA Coaching Staff considers safety of our athletes to be the top priority.
  • How do I get started or join?  Click on links to set up a New Diver Assessment and then get registered through ESA website.  Fees due will include your annual US Diving Registration ($75) which helps ensure our athletes, coaches, and program is covered by the appropriate levels of insurance.  Fees will also include a team registration fee, and then monthly dues based on which group your child is in.