Did you know that you can help to support ESA just by shopping at Amazon?  It’s as simple as going to smile.amazon.com and doing your usual shopping (instead of going to just amazon.com). 

The first time you go to smile.amazon.com, you’ll have to choose your charity to support.  ESA is listed as Eagle Aquatics Inc.

iPhone and iPad shoppers:
To support ESA on the Amazon Shopping app you'll need to turn on AmazonSmile in the app.  Go to Settings in the app to turn on AmazonSmile.


If you shop from your iPhone or iPad, you can alternatively do the following once on each device in order to create an app to shop through AmazonSmile:

  1. Open Safari and type smile.amazon.com in the web address field at the top.  AmazonSmile will open
  2. Sign in with your account email address & password
  3. Click search all charitable organizations: Type Eagle Aquatics Inc
  4. Choose Eagle Aquatics Inc and click SELECT
  5. Choose the middle [share] icon with an upward arrow at the bottom of your device screen and then click +Add to Home Screen
  6. Type the name you want for your icon such as AmazonSmile or Amazon-ESA

​Click this icon from your phone or iPad to browse and shop Amazon (as opposed to the Amazon app).  Your Account on AmazonSmile is identical to your account on Amazon - you can see your cart, past purchases, wishlists, etc.

Thank you for helping to support ESA!