All ESA families are required to work a job shift at each HOME MEET regardless of whether your swimmer is participating in it or not.

Job shifts vary in time; most are between 1½ to 2 hours.  The number of shifts required per meet is below.

Home Meets

# Job Shifts Required

Sept. 21-22: IMX


Oct 26: Halloween Classic 10 & U & 11-14 



April 4: April Sprint Series




May 30: Summer Heat NWAL Invitational

This date may change to June 6

2 (one shift per session)



For some situations, you may be able to “make up” a shift at the next meet. For this to happen, you must provide a written statement to Kayla Verret as soon as you are aware of the circumstance. Every effort will be made to provide an alternative job option or a make-up opportunity.


Failure to fulfill your Home Meet volunteer requirements will result in fines of $50 increments. For example, if you do not sign up and work a shift on a home meet day, you will be fined $50 on your next billing cycle. If you miss another meet day later in the season, you will be fined $100.


  • You will receive an email when the signups are available. To volunteer, go to the team website and click the Job Signup button under each meet and select your job. If all the job slots are full, contact Kayla Verret so additional spots can be added.
  • In order to receive credit for your shift, you must sign in at the volunteer table at the beginning of each job shift worked. The volunteer table is located at the deck entrance on the scoreboard end of the pool.
  • Credit will not be given to volunteers leaving before a shift is completed.
  • Any family member over 13 years old may work a shift. Under 13 will need to be approved by the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Meet Operations Team Members and Officials are excused from this requirement.

We understand that emergencies happen and scheduling conflicts may arise. If this is the case, please contact Kayla Verret so alternative arrangements can be made. Cancelling a shift 24 hours before a meet will not be approved unless it’s an emergency and proper notification has been made.

Kayla Verret: [email protected]



If you are attending an Away Meet, please assume that you will time.


Because team timing assignments are provided by the host team, this information will not be available until mid-week before the meet. The  Volunteer Coordinator  will email parents when timing slots are available for sign-up, but please keep in mind that it may be as late as Thursday. For this reason, it is vital that you check your email each day of the week prior to an Away Meet.

Any family member over the age of 14 can time.

If your swimmer is entered in an event near the end of the meet - we ask that you please sign up to time during the last shift.


ESA timing assignments will be posted on the team website and job sign-ups will follow the normal procedure just like a Home Meet.

To check-in, text Kayla Verret. The phone number will be listed on the job sign-up page.

  • All timers must check in BEFORE 8:45 a.m. or 15 minutes prior to meet start for afternoon sessions.
  • If you do not check in by the stated time, a back-up timer will fill your spot and you will be fined in $50 increments.
  • If you  check in and do not show up to your lane at the designated time, a back-up timer will fill your spot and you will be fined in $50 increments.
  • Timing shifts for Away Meets are scheuled by EVENTS, not by a time period.  Make sure you know the events you are timing for AS WELL AS THE LANE (ex: Lane 2, events 14-24).
  • All Meet Operations Team Members are back-up timers.

Cancelling a timing shift the day before or the day of a meet will not be allowed unless it’s an emergency and proper notification has been made. Please contact Kayla Verret at [email protected]