2022 Winter HYDRA Registration

Thank you for choosing Houston Hydra!!


If you have any questions please contact [email protected]


Below are the quick and easy steps to register with the team.

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  1. All new swimmers will need to complete a team evaluation to determine their appropriate swim group. Once your evaluation is complete you may register for your appropriate swim group. You can make your appt by sending an email to [email protected] with your swimmers name and age. 
  2. All Returning swimmers will complete the registration for the new swim season and select your previously assigned swim group.


Water Polo

  1. All Water Polo Players will need to register with the Houston Hydra team first. You will need to select your athletes Water Polo group; this is determined by age.
    • Water Polo White - 14 and under athletes
    • Water Polo Black - 15 and over athletes. 
  2. All Water Polo Players must register with USA Water Polo to play on a team and attend tournaments. Houston Hydra Players should select the gold membership.

Water Polo & Swim

  1. If your athlete chooses to both Swim and participate in Water Polo, please select the appropriate swim group and then as a add on add the appropriate Water Polo Group Option.
  2. The Water Polo Group fee will then be discounted to ½ off plus the cost of the monthly swim group fee.


Registration Fee Details:

  • $85 Hydra Team Registration Fee (annual/per athlete) – This fee funds the team’s liability insurance as well as  provides our coaches with ongoing continuing education to enhance their techniques, required certifications and the USA Swimming Safe Sport pool safety program.    
  • USA Swimming and USA Water Polo are required registration Fee's – These fees typically cover liability and secondary accident medical coverage while they are participating in practices, swim meets, tournaments and dryland activities.  
  • Monthly Group Fee - Please see the swim and Water Polo sections on the main page for more details. (This fee will be paid at the time of registration and then will reoccur starting in October and every month after thru July)


You will also want to review the Resources Section of the team website for the team equipment required for your Athletes assigned group.  


If you have any questions or experience any difficulties during registration, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]