Hydra's House of Swim

SWIm team

Learn to Swim

$145 monthly

Our Learn to Swim program is based on water safety and introduces basic stroke development. Swimmers as young as 4 years of age may join the group and each class is kept to a maximum student to instructor ratio of 2:1. Swimmers learn how to be water safe, as well as learning and becoming more proficient in freestyle and backstroke and learning the basics of breaststroke, butterfly and starts. No swim diapers are permitted in the pool—swimmer must be “potty-trained”. All swimmers must be able to understand and follow verbal instructions in English, as well as be able to swim to the edge of the pool if necessary. This is a noncompetitive swim group, any swimmer who is a member of this group that wishes to compete must have approval from the team's Learn-to-Swim Coordinator.


Lessons are 2 days a week for 30 minutes each lesson. We offer semi-private lessons. 2 swimmers and 1 instructor.


  • Semi-Private Lessons (2:1) $145.00 per month.
  • Registration Fee - The current charge is $85.00 per swimmer.
  • USA Swimming Fee - $20 per swimmer.
  • Lesson Time: Your child's lessons are at a fixed day and time twice a week for each month



Please email [email protected] for additional information or questions.


  • Intro to Team

    The primary focus is on technique with a portion of the practice spent on organized workouts. Most swimmers in this group will have little to no background in swimming other than an elementary learn to swim program and will have a proficient freestyle and back stroke.

    $120 monthly

  • Early Bird

    Our Hydra Home School program provides a unique opportunity for home school swimmers to join our competitive swim team during the “low-traffic” daytime hours in a nurturing, close-knit environment.

    $155 monthly

  • Age Group I

    These swimmers have started to exhibit good swimming skills, and desire to be involved with a team. Many swimmers in this group have participated in some type of summer league program.

    $135 monthly

  • Age Group II

    Age Group II incorporates the introduction of training methods with continued emphasis on proper technique. The coaches teach the swimmers to understand the pace clock, intervals, etc. There is also an emphasis on learning responsibility and dedication, in and out of the pool.

    $155 monthly

  • Black I

    The focus of this group is to continue the development stroke mechanics and competitive rules with an increased emphasis on training. This group introduces mental training, team building, and a structured workout.

    $165 monthly

  • Black II

    This group will work on technical development and focus primarily on meet development training. The focus of this group is to continue the development of stroke mechanics and competitive rules with an increased emphasis on training. This group uses dry land exercises, with increased time spent in the water. This group introduces mental training, team building, and a structured workout.

    $175 monthly

  • Select

    The Select Group is our elite age group program for experienced competitive swimmers. Swimmers in this group should strive to maximize their abilities. Fine tuning stroke technique and developing advanced training performance.

    $185 monthly

  • Elite

    The Elite Group is our premiere elite competition and training group. It consists of our high school swimmers who exhibit a high level of swimming and workout ability, swimmers ranked at the state and national levels.

    $195 monthly


$60 monthly


Masters is for any swimmer or triathlete that is over 18 years old.

The main focus of practices will be freestyle and kicking.


Location: Cypress Creek Lakes Pool - 10080 Cypress Creek Bend Dr. - Cypress TX 77433


Meet Times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 11:15am - 12:15pm


Masters Equipment:

  • Kick Board
  • Fins
  • Buoy (optional)
  • Paddles (optional)
  • Snorkel (optional)



Where are lessons located? 

Cy Ranch High School natatorium is located on the far-left side of the school. (10700 Fry Rd, Cypress, TX 77433)


Who do I contact regarding registration or payment inquires? 

Please contact  [email protected] if you have trouble registering. 


Who do I contact for an evaluation if I want to see what group my child belongs in?

If they cannot swim Freestyle and Backstroke for the length of the pool without stopping, you will register them in the Learn to swim group. If they can swim free and back, you may contact [email protected] for an evaluation.


How will I know when it is time for my child to change groups? 

When the instructor feels your child is ready, they will notify a coach on deck for approval of group change. The instructors will then let you know if the coach has approved the group change. 


What do I do after my child has been approved for a group change? 

You will send an email to  [email protected]  and  [email protected] to notify us of the group change. ***This is important so I can take them off the learn to swim schedule and so membership can update information and billing***


If I miss a lesson because of vacation, sickness or other obligations, are there make-up lessons?

No, the only time there are make-up lessons is when practice is canceled on Hydra’s behalf.


Are there make up lessons for practice missed due to a holiday? 

No, we do not make up lessons due to holidays. We balance this out by only billing four weeks per month instead of billing five weeks during certain months with more weeks.


Do I get the entire thirty minutes if I show up late? 

No, the instructor will provide the lesson within the time frame you are scheduled. Please do not ask for more time. 


Can I sit inside the natatorium and watch the lessons? 

Due to Covid-19 we are restricting parents to only dropping off and picking up their child for their lesson. 


What equipment does my child need? 

A comfortable swimsuit and goggles. Please tie your child’s hair back so it is not distracting or in the way when swimming. 


Will I be charged for the month of August? 

No, we completely clear all learn to swim accounts after the last day of practice.


Do I have to register my child in August if I recently registered in the last couple of months?

Yes, you will have to re-register for the new season starting August 23rd