Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention and Specifc Understanding of Movement


About Shane Spees and SUM:

After studying Kinesiology and completing his Masters in Exercise Science at California Baptist University, Shane Spees founded Specific Understanding of Movement in Spring of 2021. Shane, a native Houstonian, was a natural born athlete and competitor, but a full SLAP tear in his shoulder his Junior year of high school cut his dreams of athletic greatness short. He still swam and played water polo in college, but was never able to return to his peak performance levels.


Through his own rehab journey, a passion was instilled for the recovery and training side of the athletic world. While finishing his Master's Program, he worked at Restore Performance Institute, a dual Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning facility for three and a half years. It didn't take long for him to observe the majority of the athletes were coming in for the same career-altering injuries which begged the questions: “How can we help prevent this?” and “How can I help others avoid what happened to me?”


Thus the inception of the Specific Understanding of Movement Injury Prevention Program. A mouthful, he knows, so he sticks with SUM.


If you are interested in learning more about SUM and one-on-one injury prevention and health and fitness coaching, please contact him at 

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Shane Spees

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