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Why Mental Performance and Health Services?


 Mental Performance is the Difference Between a Good Athlete and a Great Athlete.

Athletes often operate in a culture of “no pain, no gain”, which creates emotional distress in a manner in which physical distress can become prevalent. Athletes may feel anxious or lose focus during competition, have trouble communicating with teammates, controlling their temper, motivating themselves to exercise or they may have a mental block at key moments during a game. Implementing Sport Psychology can reduce all of these distractions and negative effects in sport.


Sport Psychology Can Help You

  1. Enhance your overall performance through mental strategies.
  2. Develop a mental edge
  3. Cope with the pressures of competition from coaches or even your own expectations.
  4. Overcome fear of reinjury since transitioning from injury to play can be difficult. Even though you might be physically ready sometimes it’s the mental side that holds you back.

Our mission is to help athletes perform at their peak level while exerting the appropriate amount of stress. Athletes all over the world including Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin, Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, Kevin Love, and many more are opening up about their experience and mental health journey. It is essential to emphasize the mind and body connection.


About Our Mental Performance Counselor:

Christa was raised as a competitive swimmer in Houston, Texas. She continued her athletic career through the Women's Rowing team at the University of Alabama while earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. During Christa's time as a collegiate athlete, she discovered she wanted to work with athletes to emphasize the importance of having healthy team dynamics and advocating for mental wellness.


She continued to higher education and obtained her Master of Science degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from California Baptist University. Christa has gained experience by consulting with Military personnel, first responders, as well as professional athletes, collegiate and high school teams including football, baseball, basketball, softball, Army ROTC, golf, cheerleading, dance, swimming, volleyball, and lacrosse. Her specialties include performance anxiety, energy management, fear of re-injury, and team dynamics between athletes and coaches.


These experiences led Christa to broaden her scope of practice. She is currently completing her second master's degree in Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy at Sam Houston State University. She is a Graduate Student Intern at Shield Bearer Counseling Center, working with first responders, individuals, couples, and families.


In addition, Christa is the Director of Research, Development and Assessment for a nonprofit called Alston for Athletes. Their mission is to educate and provide mental health resources to youth and collegiate athletes. This nonprofit provides opportunity to impact athletes everywhere no matter their race, social economic status, education level, culture, sexual orientation, etc. Christa participates in the research, curriculum and mentorship because she strives to help athletes understand they have a voice, and their mental health is just as important as their physical health.


Lastly, she has contributed to several research studies, including Impulsivity of Athletes, Repeated Trauma and Injuries in Athletes, and Athlete's Unconscious Decision Making Influenced by Motor Expertise.


If you are interested in learning more about consultations and one-on-one services, please contact her at 

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Christa Doyle

Mental Performance Counselor
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