Mission Statement

Lighthouse Aquatics Program is committed to educating and training swimmers of all levels, emphasizing individual progress, team unity and family participation.

Our Coaching Philosophy

We believe in the fundamentals of swimming. Developing proper stoke technique is essential to producing faster and stronger athletes.  Proper stroke development from an early age will also  prevent injury later in life.  As coaches, we also believe that it is important to help build an athlete's enthusiasm for the sport.  We strive to create a practice environment that the swimmers will enjoy.  If swimmers have the passion to train and are willing make the necessary changes to develop proper technique, they will show improvement and reach their full potential. Swimming is a sport that can be enjoyed throughout one’s life.  It is a great way to stay fit and relieve stress.  Building lifelong swimmers is an underlying goal for us as coaches.

We believe that our swimmers should have the opportunity to be well balanced in academics, athletics, fine arts and community service. Our scheduing flexibility allows for our swimmers to be invovled in other activites while maintaining their skills in the pool. We take pride in assisting our swimmers get to the next level. The next level for each swimmer is different. Whether it is swimming in high school, college, or olympic trials expect them to work hard during every practice.