Please call Coach Bill at 281-686-9162 or Click Here to request for more information.

White Group (Developmental- generally younger swimmers but also a few 10 yr olds that need technique and strength work) Primary Coach- Maddie

Orange Group (Developmental/Competitive swimmers- This groups is a mix of ages (13 and under) but all are at about the same ability level) Primary Coach- Vic

Black Group (Competitive swimmers- this is our faster age group (13 and under) swimmers) Primary Coach: Collin and Vic

Pre-Senior (Jr High Swimmers that have the ability to do the harder workouts) Primary Coach- Collin

Senior (13 and up swimmers these swimmers can train and compete at our highest level) Primary Coach- Bill

August/September Schedule (Beginning 8/1/2022)
**All Practices Are At The CLF Neighborhood Pool 432 Forest Lake Dr Taylor Lake Village, Tx 77586**
Pre-Competitive/White Groups (mostly 10 and unders that need stroke refinement before working on endurance): 5pm-5:45/6pm
Orange/Black Groups ( Some swimmers will get out sooner based on ability level and will start staying longer as their endurance develops) : 5:45pm-6:45/7:00/7:15
Pre-Senior/Senior (JrHigh/High School): 6:30pm-8pm