Northwest Houston's Lone Star Swim Team (LSST) is a USA Swim Club and a member of the Gulf Swimming (GU) Local Swim Committee (LSC). Our Training Groups develop athletes who are in pursuit of excellence in and out of the water. Our Training Groups normally meet at Campbell Junior High schools as well as Cypress Falls and CYFAIR Natatorium.

Contact us for more information:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 281-858-Swim (7946)


                                                             Lone Star Swim Team
                                                             9597 Jones Road PMB 197
                                                             Houston, TX 77065


Pool Locations:  Contact us before coming to ensure Lone Star has practice at that facility on that day.



Our Mission

  • To develop competitive swimmers through quality coaching and parent involvement

Our Vision
To be a premier swim team recognized for:

  • Producing top flight swimmers
  • Improving the skills of swimmers at all ability levels
  • Maintaining a positive and encouraging environment at all times
  • Respecting the individual needs and goals of each swimmer
  • Promoting passion, commitment, and respect for the sport
  • Being a great organization to belong to for swimmers, coaches, and parents

Our Values
Safety. Our number one objective is to be accident-free and injury-free.
Fun. That's what we're here for!
Hard work. We set goals and strive to meet them - in and out of the pool.
Mutual Respect. Our coaches, athletes and parents support each other and treat each other with respect.
Integrity and fair play. We respect the rules and do what is right.
Well-rounded athletes. We develop life skills to prepare swimmers for success in and out of the swimming arena.
Good Sportsmanship. Our team has class and our behavior reflects it.