LSST COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures - 2020-2021 Season

(Jersey Village Pool)

MAP (drop off and pick up)


         •     Swim Suit - should be worn to practices.  All locker rooms will be closed.

       •     Water Jug (with your name labeled). Ensure you have enough water to last the duration of practice.

       •     Appropriate footwear – no bare feet except on deck during practice.

       •     Towel

       •     Small Equipment bag – No large backpacks

       •     Cloth Facemask recommended for entry and exit of facility

       •     Hand Sanitizer (if possible)



  • PRE-ARRIVAL – Parents must be register swimmer(s) online for LSST’s 2020-2021 Season with current contact/emergency information and agree to the Liability Waiver during registration process.  Reduced registration costs
  • Parents are to wait in line to drop off athletes from either Jersey Dr or Equador St.   (Attached map indicates flow of traffic and drop off location). Parents should remain in vehicle and may only park AFTER swimmer has been checked in.
  • Board member/Coach will greet parents at car and take temperature of child as they exit the vehicle.  Board member will inquire if there are any symptoms.  Temperature reading must be 100.0 or less.  A swimmer with a temperature of 100.1 will not be allowed in the facility and should return home.
  • Athletes may not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled practice time.
  • All athletes are recommended to wear cloth facemask in the facility while not working out.
  • Athletes will follow entry line staying 6 feet apart using cones marked at 6-feet separation. (see attached map)
  • Board member/coach will open facility door for swimmers to enter and provide hand sanitizer as they enter and exit the facility.



       •    Only Working Board Members monitoring swimmers, Coaches and Athletes will permitted on         facility grounds at all times.

•     Athletes will go to their pre-assigned groups with their coaches, maintaining 6 feet of separation always.

•     Bags are to be placed on deck 6 feet apart.

•     Coaches will be on deck, directing athletes where to stand, ensuring that all are maintaining proper distance.

•    USA Swimming Guideline for proper swimmer/lane spacing and swimmers on deck will be followed at all times (see attached documents).

•     All locker rooms and water fountains will be closed.

•     Restroom use will be restricted to one stall and one sink. Athletes are to dry off before going into the restroom. Entry doors will be propped open to limit contact points. Restroom use will be limited to one individual at a time.

•     Coaches and Staff will sanitize all athlete contact points after each practice session.




•    Parents will form a line from parking lot to pick up swimmers. (Marked on attached Map).

•     Once practice is concluded, athletes are to collect their belongings (nothing is to be left behind) and exit the facility maintaining 6 feet of distance as they leave facility and wait by a cone

  • Athletes must be picked up no more than 10 minutes after their scheduled practice regardless of other relatives still swimming.  Any swimmer not picked up within allotted time will not be allowed at the next scheduled practice.

•     Athletes being picked up by someone other than a parent must provide a note with name of person picking up athlete.

•     Board member will ensure that everyone is following social distancing guidelines.