Q.  If I join MAC, am I committed to a long-term commitment?
A.  No. Athletes can stop with the club whenever they choose, but proper notification is required. When a family decides to take a break or stop swimming or diving with the club, they will need to complete an "INACTIVATION FORM" that can be found under "Forms & Documents" on our webpage. Complete the form and return it to your child's coach. Please do not rely on the coach to do it for you. It is the responsibility of the family to complete the appropriate paperwork. For more detailed information, please see our team handbook.
Q.  Can I try out the swim team before I commit to joining?
A.  Yes. We allow and encourage swimmers and parents to give the program a one-week trial period and see if it is something you want to do.
Q.  What is the Registration Fee?
A.  The fees go to USA Swimming for insurance coverage for your child and the Magnolia Aquatic Club that covers you at practice and meets. These fees also include what the club retains for general operating expenses. Families on the Free & Reduced Lunch Program may be eligible for discounted registration and reduced entry fees for meets.
Q.  What do my monthly dues pay?
A. USA Swimming Coaches have strict requirements to be a coach and are professionals in their field. Your dues go toward paying for our coaching staff.
Q.  Do I have to compete if I am on the swim team?
A.  That depends on your training group. We are a competitive swimming program, and everything we do gears toward teaching kids how to compete in swimming. At our developmental levels, we will allow kids to gain some confidence before putting them in a meet, but to move to our more advanced groups, meet competition is required.
Q.  Is there a uniform required?
A. MAC does have a competition team suit with our logo. You can also purchase warm-ups, parkas, and backpacks if desired. The vendor of choice for the Magnolia Aquatic Club is D & J Sports in Tomball. Click HERE to visit the MAC Team Shop at D & J.  
Q.  Compared to other sport, how much does swimming cost?
A.  Not much!  After your initial registration fee of $141, the monthly Coaching fees range from $85 for developmental groups up to $210 for our National Team. Other costs include a team competition suit (girls $60 / boys $40), practice suits (girls $50 / boys $30), goggles ($8-$12), swim caps ($5-$15).

The main cost throughout the year would be entry fees to swim meets. Swimmers are charged an entry fee per event entered in the competition. Entry fees for most competitions are ($5.25 per event + a $2.00 surcharge), but championship meets may be slightly higher. Swimmers can swim 3-4 events per day, and most meets are 2 1/2 days (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and are offered at least once per month.

Q.  What will it cost me to get started with the club?
A.  After the initial USA Swimming ($81) & MAC Registration ($60) fees, all you have are the monthly Coaching fee.
Q.  Who owns and operates the club program?
A.  The Magnolia Independent School District owns the Magnolia Aquatic Club. All coaches are employees of the district, and all fees are paid to the district. The MISD. Aquatics Director and Head Coach directly oversee the club program and its operation. The club does have a parent booster club that serves as a support group for the club.
Q. Do I have to live in the Magnolia Independent School District to be on the team? No. We have swimmers from all over the area that swims and participates in our program.