USA Swimming Safe Sport, Basics, Concerns, and Courses

USA Swimming is committed to safeguarding all of its members with the welfare of its athlete members as the top priority. Safe Sport is USA Swimming’s comprehensive abuse prevention program and provides tools for swim clubs to educate their members and intervene in risky situations

We fully endorse and support USA Swimming’s Safe Sport and Safety programs by helping to provide these resources for our club members.

Learning about Safe Sport

Safe Sport: Best Practices Guidelines

USA Swimming Code of Conduct

Dealing with a Safe Sport Concern

Athlete Protection Training

Protecting our young athletes is ALL of our responsibility... as coaches, volunteers, and parents.  Policies are enforceable by the National Board of Review process. Consequences for breaking a policy include, but are not limited to, revocation of membership.

If you have experienced or witnessed something that concerns you or makes you feel uncomfortable, it is essential to talk to someone about it. Please see below for the appropriate procedures for dealing with particular issues.

If your concern relates to bullying, unfair treatment, parent issues, general violations of team rules or the Code of Conduct, you can first reach out to Coach Jones at [email protected] or the Magnolia Aquatic Club Safe Sport Coordinator, Jill Mitchell, at [email protected] for guidance and support.