22-23 Magnolia Aquatic Club Team Registration

Welcome to the Magnolia Aquatic Club Electronic Registration Platform! 


Annual Team Registration Fee - $125 for 1st Swimmer, $100 for 2nd, $75 for 3rd            

If more than 3 swimmers in your family, NO team registration fee after 3rd swimmer.

  • Above Team Reg Fee includes: 1 Team T-shirt & 2 MAC latex swim caps (may substitute 1 silicone cap).                                                                                                                                                  


Note:  CURRENT swimmers that remain with the team year-round, including the month of August,

      AND are in good standing with the team, (which means a zero balance in their account as of 8/31/22),

      receives reduced team re-registration of $100 for 1st swimmer, $75 for 2nd, $50 for 3rd swimmer

     (If 2nd swimmer in family is not current member of team, registration fee for 2nd is $100 and $75 for 3rd).


Annual Fee for Off-Campus PE Participants - $100 per Swimmer                     

  • Fee only applies to non-MISD swimmers enrolled in off-campus PE with non-MISD school district.
NOTE:  Every MAC swimmer MUST join USA-Swimming.  The mandatory USA Swimming membership signup AND $98 fee is now the responsibility of each individual family.  This must be signed up for, paid, and managed through the USA Swimming SWIMS website.  MAC will send this signup link specific to our team via email once team registration is complete.