Do you want to become a member of our team?

Welcome to the Magnolia Aquatic Club Electronic Registration platform!  We have started scheduling individual tryouts.  If you're interested in learning more about our team, please read the information below and then click HERE to request an evaluation with one of our certified swim coaches.    


Payments:  The Magnolia Aquatic Club currently accepts cash, along with personal and cashier's checks. We DO NOT offer credit card payment processing at this time.

USA Swimming Fees:  All new and returning members will be charged for their 2020-2021 USA Swimming (USAS) Athlete Membership.  There are two types of USAS memberships available at MAC:

Competitive $79

Non-Competitive $20

MAC Registration Fee: The following items are provided for respective membership levels at MAC: 

Competitive $60

  • Team T-shirt
  • Swim Cap (Silicone)
  • Winter Champs, Spring Champs, and Summer Champs T-shirts (If attended)

Non-Competitive $20

  • Team T-shirt
  • Swim Caps (Silicone)

Coaching Fees:  Each membership requires a monthly coaching fee that is paid by the 10th of each month. The dues are set and based on the level of the group you are joining. Coaching Fees for each group are listed below:

National Select Team $210

Sectional Select Team $200

Senior 1 Team $170

Senior 2 Team $145

Junior 2 Team $90

Junior 1 Team $95

Age Group Select Team $170

Age Group 1 Team $145

Age Group 2 Team $145

Gold Team $115

Silver Team $85

Bronze Team $85

Discounts: If you qualify, the following discounts may be credited to your account:

Siblings receive a discount off their monthly Coaches Fees when they join MAC.  $5 for the second child and $10 for each sibling after that.

Non-Competitive Athletes will receive a $99 credit at the end of the online registration process. These are athletes who do not participate in swim meets.

Magnolia Independent School District (MISD) students and families who reside within its boundaries receive a 10% discount off their monthly Coaches Fees.  These fees will be credited to your account after the registration process.  This discount will be credited to your September bill.

Advanced Annual Payments for 11 months of Coaches Fees athlete will receive a 10% credit upon receipt of payment.  This payment is non-refundable.

Committee Heads will receive a $200 credit to their account at the end of their yearly term. 

In conclusion, we are excited to offer our members this new and convenient way to cut through the paperwork of previous annual membership registrations. We are committed to making this an easy transition for everyone involved. If you ever have a question, please click HERE and send me an email.  I'll get right back to you.


We look forward to having you join the Magnolia Aquatic Club and are excited about another great season!


Best Regards,

Terry Jones, Head Coach


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