Dear NEHA Parents!

We are excited to bring you a new program during this COVID break. The NEHA Coaches have developed a virtual dryland program using ZOOM! It will be a fun way for the coaches to reconnect with our NEHA swimmers as well as to prepare them for when we return to the pool. Best of all...this program will be offered for FREE!

The live workouts will be aired on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of each week. Ages 6-11 will be at 5pm and ages 12 & up will be at 7pm. We may expand the program to more nights and sessions depending on enrollment numbers.

All current NEHA members can participate as long as we have the signed USA Swimming Liability Release for Athletes waiver on file for each swimmer. This waiver was emailed out to all NEHA members and it is also posted on the NEHA website. Signed waivers can be sent to Once we have the signed waiver, only those swimmers will receive an email invitation to the ZOOM dryland session.

ALL DRYLAND PROGRAMS FOR OUR ATHLETES MUST BE SUPERVISED BY PARENTS OR GUARDIANS FOR SAFETY! We insist that everyone participating in the drylands program only complete the exercises they are comfortable with completing. Nobody should attempt to do something beyond their health or fitness level or chance a movement that might cause any level of injury.

Here are the steps to get going with drylands...

1. Sign and email the waiver to

2. You will need access to the internet and camera via a computer, iPad, tablet, or cell phone and be able to download the ZOOM App.

3. You will receive a NEHA Drylands email with instructions and guidelines on how to join the sessions.

Thanks for staying with NEHA through these tough times. The strength of our team continues to shine brighter with every new obstacle we encounter. Your support is greatly appreciated. Together we can do this!


Laura Buben
NEHA Board President