NEHA Registration Fee:
The current NEHA Team registration fee is $75.00 per swimmer.

  • Returning fee:  If a family takes a break from swimming there is a $25 return fee per family and space is not guaranteed as NEHA has age group caps in place.  30 day written notification MUST be submitted to the NEHA treasurer in order to suspend your membership account. 

USA Swimming Registration:
2019 USA Swimming Registration is $92.00 per swimmer. 
September to April:  $92.00 Per swimmer                   May to August: $50.00

USA Swimming FLEX Registration:

2019 USA Swimming FLEX Registration is $25 annually and is reserved only for swimmers that compete is 2 OR LESS swim meets per year.

Monthly Dues:
NEHA does offer reduced fees for high school swimmers when they go "in-season" since they can only attend a limited time (3 days a week) at the Club team.  This applies only to high school JV or Varsity swimmers while they are daily swimming and competing with their high school team.  In season rate is $95 per month for 3 days a week and runs from September - February. 


Intermediate $85.00
White $100.00
Copper $105.00
Bronze $105.00
Silver  $110.00
Gold / Senior $115.00

Meet Fees:
Meet fees are billed separately and are based on both a $20 coaching fee and a per event fee established by the meet host.

NEHA swimmers are billed on a month to month basis. 

NEHA requires a 30 day written cancelation notice.