About Rice Aquatics


Rice Aquatic Swimming Club (RICE) is affiliated with Gulf swimming and USA swimming, the local and national governing bodies of competitive swimming. We strive to provide all participants with professional guidance while emphasizing: individual and team growth, good sportsmanship, and a healthy lifestyle. It is our goal to encourage and nurture a lifelong appreciation for the sport of swimming.We provide a foundation of proper technique and fundamental training in a fun, positive atmosphere under the supervision of a professionally trained coaching staff.


Rice Aquatics (RICE) began in the summer of 2003 as a Masters swim conditioning group. In the fall of 2004, Rice Aquatics began an age group developmental team during the school year. It was strictly skill development and non-competitive. Rice Aquatics was not a registered USA Swimming team at this time. This group continued into the fall of 2005 and doubled in size. Finally, with the core of this group interested in competing and interest in the team growing, Rice Aquatics became a registered USA Swimming team in September of 2006. Rice Aquatics's philosophy from its inception has been to serve those interested in swimming, from young kids to senior citizens and everyone in between, and accommodate all levels of swimmers, from novice to elite.