RICE Aquatics Covid-19 Guidelines and Procedures

RICE Aquatics believes swimming, like walking, hiking, running, and cycling, is a critical healthy activity within our communities. Swimming does not require direct contact between teammates or coaches and social distancing can be maintained throughout practice. As with all exercise and activity at this time, swimming must comply with standards for social distancing and safety within aquatic facilities. We know, with collaboration between USA Swimming coaches, public health officials, and facility operators we can create safe plans for using aquatic facilities to promote physical and mental health opportunities compliant with public health directives. The CDC has indicated that there is no evidence the disease spreads through treated water. Proper operation and maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine and bromine) of these facilities should inactivate the virus in the water. This PDF is a summary of RICE best practices and viewable practice procedures that will be implemented as we phase back into the water.


RICE Covid-19 Responce Liason

RICE has a Covid Response liaison within our organization responsible for staying up to date on local and state recommendations and any associated changes as they come out. If you have any questions, concerns or need to be connected with a health care proffesional for questions please email c[email protected] 


RICE Covid-19 Practice Schedule

RICE Covid-19 Documents

Social Distancing Pool Protocols - PDF 

Quick View Protocols - PDF 

RICE Travel Policy - PDF Please Read Update 12.23.20 Below

Swimmers/Families who choose to Travel will be required to provide a negative test from Day 5 - 7 of return and be symptom free through day 10 of return date.  All swimmers should notify their lead coach of any travel prior to leaving and upon return from the trip as well as Coach Jason Wedlick. 

RICE COVID-19 Test Scenarios - PDF Updated 6.18.20

RICE Phase Return to Pool Training Plan - PDF