A Funny Thing Happened Over the Weekend


A funny thing happened at the end of the Short-course season. When I first arrived at RICE we were a group of swimmers. No one knew each others names outside of a set of friends, we didn't have enough swimmers for relays and the emphasis for many was an activity and not a sport. We have come along way from those first few years in the indoor pool. 

Grit is a continuing conversation around the pool deck. In a sport of hard-work it is those that can endure the most hard-work while maintaining focus that usually prevail. There is always someone putting in more focused time, more hours in a lane, doing doubles, swimming on Sundays and etc. Swimming isn't easy but it is rewarding. Swim coaches talk about "Grit" and the qualities that make up a gritty swimmer. The typical conversation starts with "Can it be developed or is it innate?". 

While at TAGS this last week we swam at a new beautiful outdoor facility. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as nice. We had rain all week and weekend with a northern wind that made the 40 degree temps much chillier. To add to the fun RICE had the early warm up session on Sunday just in time for daylight savings ... At dinner that night I talked about the importance of a wake up swim and not arriving late even if we had late events. This seemed like typical coach talk at the time. When we arrived that morning everyone was moving slow and there were only a handful of swimmers on deck. I actually checked the heat sheet and my watch to make sure I didn't miss something.  After being assured by meet personnel that we were going to compete outside I made the decision to warm up outside because this is where we would swim in a couple hours. Our swimmers hopped into the pool and were able to spread out as almost every team elected to sleep in and/or opt for the indoor pool. As I walked up and down the pool deck for 30-45 minutes with one side all to ourself it made me smile to think that maybe just maybe "Grit" can be developed after all. 

See you at the pool,

Coach Jason