Masters Fina World Rankings


FINA, the international governing body for swimming, recently published their 2013 annual Masters World Top 10 Rankings for both “Short Course” and “Long Course” meters swims.  Several of your Rice Masters swim buddies made the lists, which are summarized below.  Congrats to all, especially David Guthrie for setting 6 World Records in his SC and LC breaststroke events.

Short Course

Nicole VanNood (40-44)

            4th 800M        Free                9:57.07

            4th 1500M      Free                18:38.95

Heidi Ernst (60-64)

            3rd  1500M     Free                21:50.48

            5th  500M       Free                11:32.70

            8th 400M        Free                5:40.69

David Guthrie (50-54)

            1st 50M           Breast             29.84     WR

            1st 100M        Breast             1:04.54  WR

            1st 200M        Breast                         2:21.65  WR

            2nd 100M        IM                   1:02.25

            3rd  200M       IM                   2:18.51

Bruce Kone (55-59)

            2nd 50M          Back                30.24

            3rd 50M          Fly                   27.55

            4th 100M        Fly                   1:04.23

            4th 100M        IM                   1:06.93

Long Course

Heidi Ernst (60-64)

            5th 400M        Free                5:37.03

            6th 800M        Free                11:40.05

David Guthrie (50-54)

            1st 50M           Breast             30.48    WR

            1st 100M        Breast             1:07.16 WR

            1st 200M        Breast             2:27.91 WR

            8th 100M        Free                58.36

Bruce Williams (60-64)

            1st 100M        Back                1:10.45

            2nd 50M          Back                32.44

            2nd 100M        Free                59.78

            3rd 50M          Fly                   29.30

            5th 50M          Free                27.36