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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Recreation Center Access

All Rice Aquatics swimmers will need to have their Rice Aquatics ID badge with them and visible at all times upon entering the recreation facility. This policy is for the safety and security of all patrons while in the recreation center.

Entrance into the Recreation Center is to the turnstile to the right of the center kiosk. Please have ID's visible to help with the flow of swimmers entering the building. If your swimmer has misplaced their ID they will have to give their name so the front desk can match it to our roster. This should not be a regular occurrence. Swimmers will not be allowed in repeatedly without IDs. 

Families may use the electronic badge on the Rice Aquatics app so they can enter the recreation center to pick up swimmers and/or observe practice. Our mobile app, available on Android via Google Play or Apple via the iTunes store, has the badge on it. You can also access the badge via the web app here, or on the home page of our website. The password for each session will be emailed out to all parents. If you forgot the password, simply email us for a reminder.

Please understand that without this badge you could be denied access or removed from the facility.

All Rice Aquatics members have access to the locker rooms and competition pool during practice times only. Please refrain form using the leisure pool, recreation area, and/or workout area. Please do not abuse our recreation center privileges.


Parking on the Rice campus is at a premium. You can pay as you go in the central parking garage across the street from the recreation center for $1 per 12 minutes (cash or credit card), or at North Lot at entrance 20 off Rice Blvd. for $1 per 12 minutes (credit card only), or at the West Lot 1 in front of the Alice Pratt Brown Building for $1 per 20 minutes (credit card only). Click here for a map of campus.

Rice Aquatics members are able to purchase three types of parking permits:

West Lot 3 Early Bird/Late Bird $80 (6 months) $131 (1 year)
Greenbriar Lot Early Bird/Late Bird $50 (6 months) $81 (1 year)
Greenbriar Lot Anytime $98 (6 months) $160 (1 year)

West Lot 3 is adjacent to the fields by the pool while Greenbriar Lot is on the other side of the stadium. The Early Bird/Late Bird passes have certain available hours, while the Anytime pass is valid at any time. Parking permits are available in the central garage offices across the street from the recreation center. Your name goes to the parking services and you may also present your Rice ID. There is a $30 proxy card purchase at the time of registration for a parking pass.

Swimmer Siblings Policy 

Rice Recreation Center rules dictate that children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. It is okay to drop off your swimmer without supervision, but not your swimmer's siblings. Rice Aquatics swimmers and family are confined to the pool area and locker rooms. Please do not use the gyms, recreation pool or other facilities. Please refer to our website, Twitter, and emails for schedule information. The recreation center does not generally know the schedule nor do they have the personnel to field swim team questions.

Team Policies

Click here for our page of team policies, as well as our Team Handbook.

Click here for USA Swimming's Safe Sport Program and our related policies.

Swim Meets

Click here to read a guide to help explain USA swim meets for a new or seasoned swim parent.

Equipment Lists

Click here to see equipment lists for each group for both practices and swim meets.

Group Progressions

Click here to see each group's expectations, commitment, and more.

Best Times

Click here to find your swimmers best times. 

Time Standards

Click here to find a list of regional and national time standards.


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