Meet Equipment (Fall 2017)

Rice Aquatics is a Speedo-sponsored swim team. As part of our sponsorship, all swimmers will need to wear our Speedo team suit and, when applicable (with coach's approval), a Speedo tech competition suit.

Required Equipment

Speedo Team Suit, Speedo Team Jacket or Parka, Team Shirt, Goggles, and Team Cap.

Rice Aquatics Tech Suit Policy

Tech suits will only be used for championship meets. Rice Aquatics has developed the following guidelines for RICE swimmers and tech suits at meets. All tech suits must be approved by the coaching staff.

10 & Under - RICE Team Suit

11-12 Boys - FS2 Tech Jammer or Racer

11-12 Girls - FS2 Racer (No knee-skins)

13 & Over - Consult your lead coach


Practice Equipment

Flight School:

  • Kick-board, Long Fins and Short Fins
  • Towel and Water bottle
  • Suit, Goggle, Cap (Mandatory for Girls)

Age Group 1:

  • Kick-board, Long Fins, Center Mount Snorkel (y-lon preferred)
  • Tennis Shoes, Water bottle, Dryland attire
  • Suit, Goggle, Cap (if desired)

Age Group 2 & 3:

  • Kick-board, Pull Buoy, Center Mount Snorkel (y-lon preferred), Long Fins
  • Green Stretch Cord (Group 3 only), Tennis Shoes, Water Bottle, Dryland attire
  • Suit, Goggles, Cap 

Age Group 4: 

  • Kick-board, Pull-buoy, Center Mount snorkel, Short & Long fins, Paddles
  • Green Stretch Cord, Tennis Shoes, Water Bottle, Dryland attire
  • Suit, drag suit, Goggles, Cap 


  • Kick-board, Pull-buoy, Center Mount Snorkel, Short & long Fins, Paddles and Tempo Trainer
  • Green & Red Stretch Cord, Tennis Shoes, Water Bottle, Dryland Attire
  • Suit, drag suit, Goggles, Cap 


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