General Questions

Which program should my child be in? How much does it cost to be a member?

The best way to determine group placement is through an in-water evaluation. Please email us to set up an evaluation time and date. More registration information.

When is a good time in the year to start swimming?

You can join Rice Aquatics anytime during the year.

Is the club a part of the University?

No. Although we are not formally connected to Rice University, we do have a great working relationship with the university. Most of our programs use the Rice Pool and our coaching staff includes Seth Huston, the head coach of the Rice women’s swim team, and Amanda Caldwell, the assistant coach of the Rice women's swim team.

Do I have to be an Alumni for my child to swim?

No. While anyone is able to join the club, it is our goal to serve the inner loop and west university areas of Houston.

Practice Questions

Where can I park?

Parking on the Rice campus is at a premium. You can pay as you go in the central parking garage across the street from the recreation center for $1 per 12 minutes (cash or credit card), or at North Lot at entrance 20 off Rice Blvd. for $1 per 12 minutes (credit card only), or at the West Lot 1 in front of the Alice Pratt Brown Building for $1 per 20 minutes (credit card only). Click here for a map of campus.

Rice Aquatics members are able to purchase three types of parking permits:

West Lot 3 Early Bird/Late Bird Check with Parking (6 months) Check with Parking  (1 year)
Greenbriar Lot Early Bird/Late Bird Check with Parking  (6 months) Check with Parking (1 year)
Greenbriar Lot Anytime Check with Parking (6 months) Check with Parking (1 year)

West Lot 3 is adjacent to the fields by the pool while Greenbriar Lot is on the other side of the stadium. The Early Bird/Late Bird passes have certain available hours, while the Anytime pass is valid at any time. Parking permits are available in the central garage offices across the street from the recreation center. Your name goes to the parking services and you may also present your Rice ID. There is a $30 proxy card purchase at the time of registration for a parking pass.

Where do I go to get into the building?

If you are here for an evaluation, you will need to contact the coaching staff ahead of time and set up a time and date. Your name will be given to the front desk for check in purposes. For existing swimmers your entrance point will be the turnstile to the right of the middle kiosk. Have badges visible when approaching the turnstile. If there is not someone there to allow entrance please ask the front desk for assistance. The exit turnstile is not an entrance.

As a parent, am I able to use the gym facilities during practice?

No, unless you also have a membership to the recreation center. Your Rice Aquatics membership gives swim team members access to the pool area and locker room facilities during our scheduled practices. The recreation center has a limited number of community memberships available for use of the whole center at anytime. Our use of the aquatic center is a privilege. We ask that swim team members keep their use of the facility limited to our practice times.

When should my swimmer arrive for practice?

It is a good idea to arrive at least 10 minutes before practice. This ensures your swimmer has plenty of time to get their equipment set up before practice begins. Our listed practice times are the time we dive into the water, not arrival times. Please have your swimmer at the pool and ready to dive in at the appropriate time. The coaching staff will be at the pool 15 minutes prior to each practice if you are needing to drop your swimmers off. Swimmers should not be dropped off any earlier without first talking to a coach.

Are parents allowed to watch practice?

Yes. Parents are a huge part of the success of a swimmer’s development. However, it is important that during practice times you only observe your swimmer. Parent interaction with the swimmers should be at a minimum during the practice, so the coaching staff is able to keep the full attention of the swimmers in the group. The outdoor pool doesn't have a defined line for our closed pool deck policy. We ask that parents sit under the covered area in front of the lounge and coaches offices.

What if I arrive late or have to leave early?

We really encourage you to have your swimmer stay for the entire practice period. However, we understand that this is not always possible. If you arrive late, please have your swimmer ready to swim as soon as possible. Once ready, send your swimmer to his/her coach for instructions on what the group is doing. If you need to have your swimmer leave practice early, make sure the coach knows before practice starts. This way we are able to account for every swimmer and ease transitions of swimmers arriving/departing.

If I miss a practice can I swim with another group as make up?

If a practice is missed for any reason (other than Rice Aquatics notice), have your swimmer attend their next scheduled practice. Swimmers are not allowed to swim up or down groups to make up missed practices.

Meet Questions

Where are meets held?

The majority of meets our swimmers will attend are held in Houston and the surrounding areas. There are a few meets offered outside of these locations.

How often are meets held and do I have to attend every meet?

On average, your swimmer will have one meet per month that they are able to attend. While swim meets are an important part of the development of a swimmer, the number and type of meets attended varies from swimmer to swimmer. The coaching staff will assist each swimmer with determining which meets to attend.

How much does it cost to enter a meet?

The host team sets the entry fee for their meets. These fees typically vary from $4.50 - $8.00 per event, depending on the host team. If you miss our entry date and choose to enter your swimmer "On Deck" at the meet, the entry fee is doubled.

What does it mean to "circle in"?

At a deck seeded meet, the host team will post a list of all swimmers who have entered each event. You must find your name on the list for EVERY event that you intend to swim and circle the number next to it. This tells the host team that you are there and you still intend to swim the event. If you do not want to swim a particular event (and your coach approves), then do NOT circle in for that event. The list for each event will be taken to the scoring computer about 45 minutes prior to the expected start time. If the number next to your name is not circled then you will be scratched from the event. If you DO circle in and then do NOT show up when your heat is called to the blocks, you will be penalized by being fined $5 by the Gulf Board.

Even if a meet is not deck-seeded, some events may require swimmers to circle in. Usually, these are the longer events (400+). Please check with your coach and read the meet announcement to determine what events require a circle in, and by what time.